Oh Life..

First things first let me just say I know I have been gone for an extra week or two, but I have been so stressed out with passing’s in my family, starting this thing called day shifts at work and just feeling under the weather in general.  I can’t promise that I will be back with more post but I can promise to just keep writing.  What can you do that is LIFE!
When amazing opportunities arise what is it that you are supposed to do, are you supposed to jump on every single thing that comes available but then doesn’t that turn into things never being enough for you and couldn’t that mean that you are never happy and you are forever chasing something.  Then there is choice b which means that you sit back until the opportunity slaps you in the face.  For me the company that I currently work for has been the only company that I initiated my career here by going online and applying and actually getting the job.  Once I was in here I was so eager to learn everything I could and move on up and I actually love the importance of what I do not only for the company and myself but for our guests.
Now comes the difficult part, I do not make enough money to survive for myself but for my mom to survive either and that is most important.  I need to have money so she can eat throughout the year-month-week-and day, not only that but she has to have medicine to live on.  To top it off I want to spoil her and give her anything and everything she could want in life.  I also want a family of my own and be there for people I love to lean on.  We all know that life is short and not promised to us life on earth is a gift and we should be thankful to have it and for what we have.
In life I want to write my daily feelings out and post them online and have followers who enjoy what I write and maybe get inspired from it, yes that’s a blogger but I also want to vlog; I also want to write books and greeting cards .  I would like to design clothing, rooms, makeup, food and beverages, and parties.. I want to be successful at my designs that my boutique and restaurants make me wealthy enough to develop a few charity outreach programs for my fellow human race and animals in need.  That is my goal, my dream is to be healthy and financially stable enough to live a comfy life with my family.
Let’s not lie I am getting older and maybe I have been getting a little discouraged in the past, but now more so then ever I am confident that God will bless me with my goals or with what is supposed to be will be.  I believe in myself and Trust in God!  All I know is to keep doing what I have been doing, keep trying or “Just Keep Swimming” and definitely keep praying and an open communication with the man upstairs listen to his words.  I would love feed back and suggestions on my goals and dreams!  Until next time my pretties..

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