Welcome back Toria… Mom’s reaction to her TV!

Long time no see…. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… God Bless Everyone… Ho Ho Ho.. so it has definitely been some time since my last post and that is because… I moved well we moved into a 1 bedroom out of the studio and then got hit with Christmas and I have been feeling some type of ways for some days and this is not the blog you will hear all about it.. just a dash and a pinch and lets get it started!

I love more then anything gift giving, the reactions when people see what they got even if it’s something they asked for or not just watching reactions to my gifts is the best.  I am already planning my gift giving strategy for next year and for some I am going to try homemade.

I am not ready for Christmas to be over it has been one of the best ones by far in a long long long time.. thanks to my family and my novio.  There is one thing that no matter how much I try and have the best time and be cheerful and pray, I just can not let go of not having a relationship with my dad.  I am so upset it has me in a funk and sometimes I feel if he were to just tell me that he does not want to be in my life instead of just leaving me hanging then I can start a healing process!

Aside from that I was able to give my mom a big item this year,  A….. TV!!! Our old tv was about 21 years old, it was a gift from my grandpa when I was 10 and it was a ginormous tube TV, poor babe carried it down the stairs “WHAT A GENTLEMAN!”  Now what I have for you is new for my blog it is a video… of my mom’s reaction!!

I love this lady with all of my heart and I hope she know’s it, and for those of you wanting to read about my father (“FATHER OF MINE TELL ME WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN”), well stay tuned because I am working on that!  Until then enjoy the video:

Okay well here is the link to youtube page for it… that is also my channel where come the first I am going to be making all types of videos… “EXCITED”

I love yous guys and come visit me on youtube…


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