Rambled life needs Organizing

Channel Art

Okay today is now the 14th I did write this on the 13th as I am here at work thinking of all the yummy goodness I want to create this weekend(Philly cheese steak stuffed bell peppers being one).  I know I should have a video up already on the YouTube channel but I have yet to get the editing software or even a computer to make things more interesting.  So I will try to do a video on my iPad and hopefully it will not need editing haha!!  While sitting here monitoring flights flying from point A to point B I have been looking at ways to organize my life or our home, definitely cooking at home more and less spending at restaurants would be one big winner.  As well as sitting here I thinking of blogging, vlogging, shopping, cooking, and my family.  My best friends at work are definitely Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, and different stores as I hunt down appliances, recipes, makeup, fashion and SALES!!!

I know I am the type of person who buys into a gimmick and yes I get infatuated with sparkle and glitter and oo.. oh.. ah.. shiny things lol and I have a love hate relationship with that part of my brain… I love trying things and reporting on them especially things that would not be available in my country like certain makeup designers that I can so happen to get here with out having to pay the ridiculous shipping from other countries.  Cosmetics like Barry M which has a 20.94 pound flat rate shipping price to America and then there is Sleek which you can not even order to ship into America but thank the Lord for Amazon because I was able to get a little something from each one (let’s hope they are not fakes) just to say I have it and yes I tried it and whether or not I like the actual product.. I really hope I do! (on a side note it will be a real failure if it comes unsealed Please God let it come sealed at least the eye pen)  If I do that is another excuse or reasoning to push me across the pond!  I also enjoy collecting makeup just for the packaging, I don’t know what it is about special packaging that drives my interest up and the amount in my bank account down, I think it is the consumer game of limited time better get yours now (who ever came up with that slogan is a BEAST).  That’s not all of course loving makeup and using it daily or almost daily unless I am running super late, I enjoy and notice a different in some formulas and when I enjoy a certain formula in say long lasting lip lacquer from Too Faced or Lime Crime, then I really do enjoy buying all the colors that I want in those specific products, so I am continuously on the search for new colors or older ones that I must have.  I get a lot of inspiration from YouTube makeup gurus and Pinterest post of course (especially on nights like tonight where it feels like I have been at work for days and its still not half way through my shift).
In order to slow down on the shopping just because I can not afford it (who can afford to live beyond there means), I never could but since this is something that makes me happy and instead of paying a co-payment for a therapist a couple times a week I would rather buy something new and pray over my issues.  This has worked for years but now that I am in a relationship and my shopping habits are something that he doesn’t really agree with because it has caused some debts along the way and no I am not proud and honestly really scared of what could come up of it.. CHANGE MUST HAPPEN.  So now in order to hopefully cause some resolution to my issue I want to slow down the eating out (maybe the eating too) and slow down the shopping and I know I wont be able to stop cold turkey but slowing it down to the bare minimum is a must that looks to be in reach.
I try to be super stylish at all times of my life.. is it working yet?
I have recently subscribed to Laura Vitale on YouTube all of her channels( she has a cooking show a life one and a style one.. you should watch), and the way she is so organized whether it be with her household, cooking, or basically just her life.. she has somewhat inspired me to stop being immature and more responsible with my life and household.  I want to really focus on the household aspect of our lives and being able to make my dreams for our family come true.  I am planning on eating more at home and organizing the whole apartment!  When we moved in it was throw everything in and try to live and organize as you go.. should have been easier because we have more space but in fact it was just a little harder, so watching the way Laura runs her household has me thinking that once I get on a routine it will not be so hard.
So.. sorry for this long ramble on my blog but I will be posting my first actual YouTube video this week and stay tuned for some recipes coming your way in a few days.  Also if any makeup companies want to sponsor me then I am here, or any clothing designers want to sponsor me then I am here, or any cooking shows want to sponsor me then I am here, or even if any elephany tamers want to sponsor me I am here!!  That was a joke, I don’t need to be sponsored just yet by no one but some readers, watchers, friends and family.  Thanks for reading and as always stay tuned for my progress on this roller coaster I call LIFE!

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