Bank Card Hacked


A huge part of my life is shopping and a big reason is the thrill of hunting for sales and items that I really want.  Of course going to the stores is a great place to search clearance racks and shelves and really hunt for items at the most reasonable price.  That being said I find a good 40 percent of my sales online and that number is on the rise lately, only because I don’t have the time while working nights to be in the stores as well as over the past couple years I have grown a paranoia for crowds.  My paranoia gets pretty bad to the point that I walk in a store or section or aisle and think of where I could run or hide if someone starting shooting or there was a loud boom.

Back to the issue at hand.. besides the issue of my shopping!  I have an issue with my addiction aka my love of ordering (a packaging opening addiction) online and I love being a part of subscription services because its like receiving gifts some you know about and some you don’t.  I love it so much I was making a YouTube segment all about “Postal Hauls” of course I will also do store hauls as well but postal hauls were going to be my first video.  What is a haul.. it is basically a collection of items that you purchased or received so basically things that you got and you are making a video to share your thoughts with the world (Not to be confused with first impression review).  But today going through my online banking I noticed that my card was hacked!!!!  I felt the drums beating in my heart and my throat fell into my stomach.
Now not only am I questioning all of the stores online and in person that I shop at but also all of the restaurants that I eat at, gas stations that I go to, and everything and everyone else that could have my debit card number.  I then thought maybe it was the Apple Pay app since I just added it less then a month ago but really only used it to buy something from my Amazon app.  But could it really be something I did online?… I am not to sure and this is my reasoning:  I used it at Chic-Filet and they recently had a security breach just like the one that Target had not too long ago.  And there are these people who go around scanning your number with that same technology that makes tapping your card at certain pay stations (so called convenience tool) these people have even gone to the lengths of scanning your key-less entry remote when you get out and lock the door as you go into places just to be able to steel your things!  It is getting crazy out there and technology as much as we all love our phones has only become an aid to thieves as well.

Now what makes me think also that it was a in person type of theft is that they used it at an online company or store that is based out Redwood City CA which is only a few miles down the road from me!  This store is an online gaming app so I am think a smart adolescent but I could be very wrong.  I am pondering the dear old question of if I should go back to hiding money “under the mattress” or just keep my routine going, after all I do need the items for my YouTube channel (Pretty Toria- first real video going up Wednesday).  The point of this rant is to say that no matter if it’s conspiracy or factoids thieves come in all shapes and sizes and we as civilized community livers need to always be on watch and suspect and please read your bank statements.. Use online baking and go over your charges you might be able to catch wrong charges!!


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