Why So Sensitive

My emotions in a pic!
My emotions in a pic!

My name is Victoria and I am a sensitive person.   What does it mean to be sensitive.. Why does sensitivity cause crazy reactions.. I guess this blog is myself answering question I have always had about myself!! Kind of.

Let’s begin with a quiz that I found on Oprah’s website which is adapted from The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N. Aron.  This quiz is one that is a multiple choice that consist of how much certain things affect your mood.  My favorite question is whether or not you are startled easily.  For myself I am constantly thinking about things happening to me and it plays out in my mind like a movie.  It is almost like I am nervous about everything and the anxiety builds up until I lay down for bed and then my body inside out feels like its rattling and the scary thing is that it maybe metaphorically but I am literally shaken up with my emotions.  When I say emotions I am not meaning I felt sad or happy earlier and that is all but I mean my emotions of nerves fears extreme happiness and depression that I feel almost everyday and that’s whole roller coaster of emotions every day that is ready to explode at night.  
The results of this test was that I am of no shocker a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP!  The results are as read directly verbatim from the website: With your hyperawareness come many strengths. HSPs consider matters deeply and often have unique and interesting perspectives. You are intuitive and tend to be an emotional leader (the first to be outraged by injustice, for example). But because you’re so tuned in to the subtleties of your surroundings, you can feel overwhelmed in chaotic environments. You’re not necessarily shy or introverted; you simply think more clearly when you’re not overstimulated—which is why navigating unfamiliar places and meeting many new people at once (think cocktail parties or client presentations) can be especially taxing. To avoid shutting down in such situations, it can help to prepare in advance. Rehearse what you want to say. Brainstorm conversation starters. Bring a friend for social support. Take frequent breaks. It’s crucial for HSPs to build downtime into their lives. Make rest a priority at least one day a week. Take time off every three months. Learn to meditate. And try not to overextend yourself when it comes to family and friends. Thanks to their affinity for reading other people’s emotions, HSPs frequently dole out more support than they can afford to give. To handle your physical sensitivities, choose decaf tea, coffee, and sodas. And carry a snack with you (preferably some form of protein) so you never get too hungry. Finally, keep in mind that HSPs tend to change careers several times. More than most people, you crave meaningful work—but a job that’s too stressful won’t make you happy. It may take several tries to find the right fit. 
That kind of explains it and now I think I am like this because I have dealt with some crazy stuff and always felt a certain way about myself.  That would not be fair because I have always been sensitive and quick to tear up at the eye no matter what emotion I was feeling even as a young child.  Not until recently when makeup became more then a hobby and a passion like fashion has always been to me did I become more concerned with loving myself, not to mention that I started getting recognized by my loved ones and even strangers or professionals in the industry.  I have for the first time in my life have been able to focus on something and know that I should build and capitalize on my passions but and thee is always a but in my life.  Being highly sensitive it makes it harder and harder on myself and my anxieties about succeeding are worse then ever. 
Now even though no one that I know has told me they have taken this test but I can assume I am not the only Highly Sensitive Person in my circle.  What it is like to live with people who are sensitive and be sensitive yourself can be the most amazing time of your life.  We are probably some of the most honest and passionate people you will know especially when it comes to our feelings.  It feels so good to be in a relationship and not hide mushy “gushiness”(my own word).  However, if you are not careful you will get so ticked off and hurt just by the moment and in the moment at hand without thinking everything or anything through that you can say things or do things that can and will hurt each other.  
That is all I have for now take care and I encourage you to go take the test at http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Am-I-Too-Sensitive-Highly-Sensitive-Person-Quiz .. I am your soul sister whether you are a highly sensitive or super sensitive or just a so called normal person(if you think you are normal just know that everyone has a different normal and you are different to someone)!  Keep the positive blessed love out here in the world sometime you just have to believe in the goodness just as much as you crave it.  I love you my pretties!!  

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