Zulily review


The site:

This site is a site that has a bunch of separate stores and they each have a sale which is time limited.  You go on to the stores and look at the prices for the items that are on sale and they are very well named and descriptive to direct your online shopping trip.  Once you browse aka window shop which not only in the real world but online as well usually turns into me buying something you can pay all at once and not separately in the shopping cart.  I love this site because it is like shopping at Ross or Marshalls but online, which is something I have always wanted to see from them.  The one thing I was nervous about was the fact that in all the reviews I read the shipping was definitely going to be the worse.. no not the cost but the length.  I even read in some reviews that customers purchased their items and in months time it still was not there, but with all of the bad reviews for shipping I also read a few that were good and heard through word of mouth about how much people love Zulily and have not had too bad of a problem with the shipping.. So I just had to find out for myself!


Order Date:


I ordered my things on February 7th and within 4 days on the 11th I received a message from Zulily that was about the shipping plan.  So the way it works is that the companies you order from send the items to Zulily and they pack them up together and send out your stuff so I guess depending on the stores you order from could take longer or not…  then on the 17th I received a tracking number.. And my package finally arrived on the 21st so it only took 14 days and they do typically say 10-14 days!  They kept their word so I ordered again!


Review Of The Items:


  1. Highness NYC – Black Semi-Sheer Floral Poncho- Plus 2X
  2. Highness NYC – White and Navy Embroidered Tunic- Plus 3X
  3. RIV – Black and Gray Arabesque Harem Pants- Plus 3X


All the items came and they were true to size for the most part.  The poncho was just a little big and I could have went for the smaller size.  It still looks great on and when the time is right and I get to where this item to the pool area it is going to be adorable over my swimsuit.


The embroidered tunic fit very well it was the length and tummy fit that I wanted to be best.  I was also nervous that this shirt was going to look cheap or unstylish because of the threading and it was not very young or hip but that was not the case at all.  It is a gorgeous shirt and you can dress it up or down.


The final item was pants and I was so nervous about these… because when it comes to buying pants from discounted clothing stores who just so happened to have plus size the experience is not always the best and I usually do not fit my normal size.  For that purpose alone I ordered the size up and to be honest it worked out, yes they are bigger than I thought they would be but not so big that I can not wear leggings under them and it doesn’t bother me that they are a bit baggy.


Conclusion is I loved my experience with Zulily and I have already ordered again and can’t wait to receive my leather sweat pants.. Until next time.. Thanks for reading and I love you all so much!!


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