Monday Anxiety Update


I would like to say that my anxiety level has dropped to barely there but we all know that this is not something that goes away just like that.  However some things are getting easier to combat in my mind and see the real and not the mind game that I am used to.  Like for instance if I see foundation on a box in the makeup department, normally my mind would tell me that I need to check my hands 10 times no matter if I touched it or not because it is actually blood and I am going to catch a disease from the foundation.  But what had happen this time was that I knew it wasn’t blood and that I did not touch it anyways so I was perfectly fine.. yes it took me a few minutes to grasp on to the truth of the situation but none the less I did.  Now today at a store a girl who was ringing me up had a nasty habit of licking her thumb or finger before each time she went to grab a paper item.  So this was the tissue to wrap my item, the bag, and the receipt.  I could not take it and almost didn’t buy it.  I would normally come up with a reason to take a different one from the way out and not get a bag or receipt but I was so shocked I took the bag left with it and sanitized my hands.  So of course I Googled a whole bunch of things that you can catch from saliva and licking fingers, and besides it being just real nasty habit unless I am a finger licker then I am good.  I know everyone is wondering if I am a finger licker and the answer is NO but I am a nail bitter which is one bad habit that I have been working on so guess I have another reason not to put my hands in my mouth.  Also I am going to spray or wipe down my stuff with alcohol or sanitizer, because you all know me I can’t just be normal and forget about it.


I know this is probably the shortest blog that I have done in a while but it is Monday and I wanted to say hello to my readers.  So the way I am going to end this one is giving you a few prayers to live with and basically or at least a few things that really do help me on a daily basis:

  1. Prayer: God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I can not change.. The COURAGE to change anything I can.. and the WISDOM to know the difference.
  2. I love the quote “Take a deep breathe and smell the flowers!
  3. Last but definitely not least do what makes you happy and what makes helps you calm.  For me we all know that the BEACH, NATURE, and SHOPPING really help me.  But the best thing tool I have to help me is my BIBLE app and they give me daily readings that just speak to me and my emotions that I have at that moment.


OKAY I said short and then I could just keep going but this is it.. I love you all so so much and appreciate you so very mucho for reading and liking or even just glancing my work.  Like always and forever if you need someone to talk to you can come and start with a HI and let’s chat.  Until next time KEEP IT BRILLIANT!


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