Summer Wardrobe Vol 1

Today is finally a fun fashionably fun post.  If you have been inside of a mall, a store.. if you have been outside.. if you have been online.. and if you have had a conversation with anyone including yourself then you know summer is right around the corner.  Yes you can tell because the sun is out and the temperatures are getting warmer, as well as all these plans for summer trips and family fun, and last but definitely not least the colors on the racks have taken on a brighter side.

If we could assign colors to each season well it would be simple because far before I came along there already was colors assigned:

  • Spring: Pastels and Whites
  • Summer: Brights and Neons
  • Fall: Bold’s and Browns Family
  • Winter: Bold’s, Classics, and of course Metallics!

Now in this day and age it definitely does not mean you can’t wear any color throughout the whole year but you will definitely see more of these colors in the stores.. so stock up when you can during the time of the year for your favorite colors.  I am the type of person that loves all season and all colors but I am in love with Spring the colors the florals the flowers the weather the everything.. and yes its true black make ladies more comfy because it can cause “slimmer” looks but I love colors.  There was a time when I would wear all black with a pop of color and normally match my eyeshadow to that color.  Jump ahead to a few years later and I now sometimes use those colored eyeshadows as an accent color instead of all over color looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show!


This summer I already have a few trips planned and I am so excited to be shopping for summer looks.  I am happy to announce that I found a summer bag and it is a beautiful neon yellow Coach tote that I got at an incredible price.  What was marked on clearance for 321.99 I got for 96.50 at the Coach outlet.  There is only one thing that would make me happier with a purchase like this and that is if it was hot pink but pink is my born to me favorite color, my birthstone color.


However neon yellow is a very close runner up in the list of favorite colors definitely one of my top 5!  As well as the purse I also bought a couple sandals from Target and even a pair of fringe booties.  Other things I have purchased are:


1.Bright Colored Dress


2.Aztec Print Skirt:



1.Aqua Denim Coat







1.White Button Up


2.Chambray Crop


3.Mint Peplum


4.Aztecish Lavender Tote



1.White Blue and Yellow Wedges


I think I am almost done putting together my summer palette/wardrobe.. just a couple of refreshments for basics and I will be done.. however we all know that I am never done, shopping and fashion is what I do in life so as long as we have seasons and events to go to I will forever be a shopper!  Thank you so much for reading I would love to see the summer items you are purchasing for your wardrobe.  If you want to see what these items look like come and see them on my youtube channel I will definitely post the video once I receive all the items in person because we all know the internet lies sometimes.. as well as my goal of posting Outfits Of The Day every day that I get dressed (LOL).. Love you guys so much and please don’t forget to make your own day and anyones day AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!


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