Travel Seeker- Nashville, Tennessee

When I think of Nashville I think of southern fried foods, BBQ, soul food, and music country and blues to be exact.  I also think of hot humid weather, crazy bugs or crazy in the head mosquitoes.. and who can forget southern folk(I have wanted to be a Southern Belle for decades).  Of course I could just be influenced by the perspective that Hollywood or the media gives off.  Its almost like when you can smell something you have no choice but to imagine what it taste like, with the media or Hollywood you see things or hear things about places that you can’t help but have “preimagined” (<< possibly my own new word) view.  I thought of things that I like to experience in new places, and that was probably the easiest of this whole post.. I want to shop sales and local shops, eat amazing food, have fun, see the city, see some history, and of course look my best.  Oh yea and I hope to get a little relaxation at some point but not necessary as long as my family and I have fun.

Here is what I have found in my investigation and when we get home I will let you know what we did and how it went… I guess this can be considered an open letter to my family as a list of things I want to do and to the rest of the world as recommendation of some stuff to do in Nashville, Tennessee.


Of course I want to shop and then get home and do a Show & Tell Haul Video.. Everyone knows I am a shopper and my favorite shops are outlets and then little boutiques.. so that is exactly what I found-


Every city I go to it seems like Simmons Outlet malls are everywhere, and I am not complaining.  They always include the big name stores like: Coach, Kate, Mike, Disney, and more.  The ones in Nashville are called the Opry Mills and they have different stores like: The Cosmetic Market, The Nashville Store, and of course a bakery called GiGi’s Cupcakes.


I searched for a young hip district specifically for shopping.  I found the Second Ave Shopping District,  this is an area that has bars and nightlife entertainment and of course they have little shops.  These are definitely smaller local boutiques and specialty stores and I am excited for the possible finds.


When I think of the food in Nashville, I think of fried pickles and fried green tomatoes.  I don’t know why I associate fried foods with the south it’s probably one of those “preimagined” thoughts from Hollywood.  Not only do I want to try the fried pickle and green tomato but I want to eat something nice and amazing and lets face it a little pricey.  Everywhere I go I like to try at least 1 expensive restaurant (in LA we ate a few- not recommended for the wallet).  For Nashville I did my investagating and came up with one that seems to be the one I really want to try:

Margot Cafe-

Everyday is a different menu and from what the website says the cuisine is rustic Italian and French with an emphasis on the regions of Tuscany and Provence.  The building is also a bit of art has it is from the 1930’s.  If I were to order from the menu tonight here is what I would choose and the prices-

To Share- Both

Homemade Potato Chips with Aioli- $5

Cheese Plate: Gruetli, with Strawberry Jalapeno Jam- $12

First Course- Either

Lettuces with Pickled Peaches, Ricotta Salata, and Pistachio Vinaigrette- $7

Pizza with Broccoli Raab, garlic and Chiles, and Fresh Mozzarella- $10

Second Course- Either

Pan Roasted ½ Chicken, Escarole with Caesar Dressing and Crutons- $24

Patty Pan Squash with Kale and Pesto Stuffing and Walnut Bread Crumbs-$18

After Dinner-

Peach Sorbet with Pecan Lace Cookie-$5

Why not order all of the above, when is the next time I will be eating at this restaurant.  Only God knows and so I will let you know what I had and show you some pictures when I get there.  Check out the menu-


We already know a few things we want to do like:

A Pedal Pub-

This is big bike that seats up to 16 people and everyone bikes around the city drinking.  I am not going to lie I am so so so… LAZY!!  But I have always wanted to do this and being that I get to do this with my cousins makes it all the better.  Now if only we can find one that supplies the alcohol and not just the exercise.


Needs no explanation!  Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go see where Elvis lived, and this is a good 3 hour drive in a state we know nothing about.  I hope we can make it plus I have a friend in Memphis I would like to see!!

All About Nashville Day Pass-

I think these are a great idea for any city you plan on traveling to, they normally come with a slew of fun.  This one comes with the following-

  • Music City Trolley an hour long ride around the city, which will include State Capitol, the Parthenon, Music Row, and The Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Walking Tour of Nashville this tour is on your feet (more exercise) but you get to see the behind the scenes at Ryman Auditorium and if you don’t know now you know this is the home of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame I am so excited for this one.. I love all music and country is one of my tops.  After all this is Music City so be prepared to hear good music.


The weather for the week that I am going to be there is sunny and in the 80’s, one day is going to thunderstorm and the humidity is going to make it feel like it’s in the 90’s.  Which means I am going to be sweating and in need of air conditioning.. and my fashion choices are going to need to be non layered so maybe not cami’s under my shirts, and flowy lightweight.  My next blog post will be definitely looking at my wardrobe for my trip either in picture form or video form.

That is it for this Travel Seeker- Nashville post.  I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out what we really end up doing in a post when we return from our trip.  I love and appreciate you all!  Don’t forget to make everyday AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!

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