Next Trend In My Closet

I am just going to go on the record and say that…

Big huge chandelier statement earrings are going to be the next big thing!  At least in my closet anyways.  I think that the statement necklace has been a thing for quite sometime and as they will never go out of style we will see the beauty of a bare neckline.  Not to mention the heat of summer that makes anything on my neck (even a stray hair) cause me to sweat rivers.

I am not talking about just plain thin chandelier earrings as there is nothing wrong with those there could be some bohemian looks that call for a medal thin chandelier earring but I said statement I am talking about thick gemstones milky stone ones.  The good thing about these statement earrings is that you can buy them pretty cheap and they are not as heavy as they look.  Now the fun part of the list places to get them:

  • Shop Miss A- (everthing is 1 dollar)
  • Burlington Coat Factory- In store hunting.
  • Aliexpress- (hunting with good prices long shipping)
  • Of course Target and Walmart you just have to hunt.
  • Etsy and Stella & Dot- the earrings can get a little pricey but are gorg.

I wanted to show you a few examples of what type of earring I am talking about.. I wanted to give a range of prices and stores to look at so if you want to see more you can click any of the captions and it will take you to that store:


Kate Spade $128

statement earrings1

Bauble Bar $32

statement earrings

Shamelessly Sparkly $15


Etsy $9

What do I love about these statement earrings?

I think that there is statement jewelry that can be a little out there and loud.  Nothing wrong with being loud and out there but sometimes you can be loud and make your presence known with a little bit of elegance.  Sure we all did the highlighter neon ear cuffs that look like wings with rhinestones.. or maybe that was me!  And yes we all did the huge JLO hoops but that had extra weight with a rhinestone encrusted lips hanging off of them… again maybe it was just me but with the shows I watch on VH1 I highly doubt it.

I have always been the person who wanted to wear a tiara everyday and when that wasn’t going to work I thought of chandelier earrings but my choices went towards hoops and loud ear cuffs.  So I gave up big earrings because the loud encrusted ones are so heavy they were hurting and I decided to buy a lot of studs.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with studs especially a fierce stud with a statement necklace, but my sweaty self is tired of wearing heavy necklace.  Keeping to the TV networks the ladies on Bravo have showed me confirmation in the elegance of wearing a statement chandelier earring.  However I can honestly say that in my closet I was ahead of certain trends with accessories, colors, prints, and more.. so I think I might be on to something with these earrings even before RHOBH.  Having thought about it for a few years now but not really seeing an opportunity to jump besides the plan of glamourizing my bridal court if I ever get married, but now that Lisa wears them magnificently here is my chance to pounce.

I hope that if you want to follow me in the next trend of beautiful bold statement chandelier earrings and bare neckline beauty (or for me keeping my sweaty neck free of heavy chains), you can find some incredibly amazing pieces whether they are quality genuine gemstones or costume jewelry that only cost a buck.  Let’s see if my prediction as to what becomes trendy comes true, but I will say it again I think statement chandelier earrings with every outfit will be a thing!

I love you guys with all my heart and truly appreciate all of the support, I hope you enjoyed my fashion post here.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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One thought on “Next Trend In My Closet

  1. I love a good chunky statement necklace and I love big earrings.. just not together! haha If my hair is down and it flatters with my shirt, I go statement necklace. If I’m having a hair up kind’a day, I typically go with the statement earrings because I feel like it helps the situation! haha 🙂


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