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I know the dream is always changing but I can’t help but evolve and be inspired by life, that is one thing that we can say about life whether good or bad it is always inspiring.  Let’s all just take a minute and think about that, whether you are down in the dumps or are having the best time of your life there is 2 things to remember: 1. nothing last forever now this is not saying that you won’t be happy forever but everyone goes through hard times and if you want to dwell on the bad things in life then you might just not ever see the good things God has in store for you and 2. good or bad happy or sad whether your life or someone else’s you will find inspiration and someone else could find inspiration in the life experiences that you have.  Us as humans need to take time to see things for what they really are.. we just don’t see the lesson learned that come with bumps in the road.  It is almost as if we are scared to live and if I am being completely honest I AM ONE OF THOSE GUYS!

So being one of those people I have been trying to come up with ideas to spark my interest and something besides makeup and shopping that I have always been good at is cooking and really enjoy putting my everything to create something that is beautiful to the eye and to the tongue.  I love finding recipes in book or online and challenging myself to make it.. and once I do make it my own.  Cooking for the world is now a dream.. I love throwing dinner parties and cooking for family and friends and then getting in there face to find out there thoughts, and I have always wanted restaurants, bakeries, delis, a food court but I think to make that dream a reality and be able to survive in this economy is going to be a battle not so easy especially for someone who is a little sensitive right now.  So my kind of not really new dream comes in 3 categories in particular order:

  1. Write a successful cookbook
  2. Have a successful cooking show(this has been a dream since I was a child)
  3. Have my own food truck (I believe this is a great way to network my skill and name into the above dreams)

I have started to write down all of my recipes that I have in my head and ones that my SO puts in my belly.  On a side note this is why my love and I got so close we used to talk about all of things we enjoyed and one of them was of course food.  He happens to make amazing food that as such an exotic taste.  I told him when he made his PRC (Puerto Rican Curry) that it needs to be served as a Sloppy Joe type sandwich with good bread roll and toppings and belongs on a food truck OUR FOOD TRUCK!!

So yes lets recap because I get so excited… I have began to write down recipes and I am planning on creating them for my family and perhaps for YouTube.  I write down ones that I have had in my head and ones that we create on the spot, my favorite challenge is to follow chopped ingredients and make meals using the same stuff.  I might not have the pressure of the clock but when something is delicious that is a plus.  What to do first.. a few tasting parties with friends and families.. until the truck comes rolling in but I need the cheddar cheese dough first haha…


Stay tuned for updates and yes I know I owe you a bunch of updates.. but this is me take or leave it..Excited ramble spilling my guts and then get distracted on another idea or video… but I love you guys for reading liking and sharing my blog it really does mean the world to me.I hope whatever time of the day or evening you read this you make it WONDERFUL!!

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