Fall Wardrobe Excitement and PinkTober

I think I say this with every season that comes about because I just love the fact that colors are coming and going and change is about in the stores.  Now it is the time where we get to shop for fall!  Oh.. FALL!! Boots, scarves, sweaters, cozy and comfy!  Bold colors and lots of neutrals.. and don’t forget those subtle or not subtle warm metallics.  Did I mention dusty nude lip colors and warm eyeshadows let’s all sing for FALL.

I started my fall wardrobe shopping by picking out a new pair of taupe boots from Zulily and I know that can be a little risky because who knows if they are really going to fit and to top it off I can not return them.  Then I found an adorable plaid shirt that was lined with florals and I can just imagine them together.  Unfortunately.. well depending on how you look at it that purchase sparked an update to my closet so maybe only unfortunately for my bank account.

The things I am looking for right now are:

  1. Fall Purse- Darker like black or brown
  2. Long sleeve tunics
  3. Tall Boots
  4. Moccasins
  5. Light Scarves
  6. Light Sweaters

(get ready for photos)

So far this is what I have or should be receiving shortly:

Fall Purse:  


Michael Kors Jet Set Tote(Already Mine)

Tall Boots:


1.JustFab Valina Grey Boots Leather


2.Zulily Journey Taupe Boots Leather



1.Zulily Plaid and Floral Button Up


2.TJMaxx Lined Sweater


3.TJMaxx White Tee


4.TJMaxx Red Tank Top

I definitely have more already in my closet so as soon as I have everything together and these items arrive I will be filming a fall fashion video, a fall makeup video, and a PinkTober video.. and here is what PinkTober is…

Finally the most important month of fall is October and that is because.. my birthday!! Just kidding it is because it is national breast cancer awareness month which I like to call PinkTober!! So I will also be on the look out for tons of pink items because whether it is in a ring, a purse, shoes, makeup, or clothing I will be wearing pink throughout the month of October.  If you don’t know my mom and my aunts are BC survivors and I am thankful to the world, my great aunt passed away from it and so I think awareness is the most important step to battling this disease.  Awareness and testing!!

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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