Trip Planning OC

I am traveling soon.. and I am obsessed with preparation for my trips.  I thought I would share with you my routine.

First and most importantly plan every trip small or big as early as you can, even though I love spontaneous overnight trips that are a drive away.


(Sacramento Rivercats Game)

Start the planning:

  • I pick a place.  Lookup hotel prices and things to do.
  • Friends or Family in area?
  • If driving I map everything: Drive from home and place to place.
  • Look at weather!
  • Look up the most recommended eats in the place you pick!! A MUST!


(Hotel in Nashville)

When finding a hotel my research gets intense:

  • Cleanliness is first always read reviews.
  • Location comes second, map it out to see how far you are from everything.
  • Price comes last just because I am willing to pay a little more for CLEAN.


(Flying into Midway)


  • If flying it must be during the day, I am terrified to fly overnight on a redeye.
  • Rental cars are first based on price.  
  • When we pick it up I smell and look for dirt and I am never afraid to whip out the Lysol spray or wipes.
  • If taking public transportation I map out the routes and bus stops and times PT ends.  And I bring along my hand sanitizer.

I then plan my arrival and departure times according to drive or flight times.  And this my friends is only the beginning tomorrow you will get to see my checklist that I make for every trip and below my itinerary that I put together for every trip:

Before the itinerary I can not express how important it is to find good restaurants this will set the mood for the trip, at least for me if I have good food I am all GRAVY!


(Best restaurant in Clarksville, TN)

Guys this is a faux itinerary with made up days and flights I will be home and working the holidays…

Seattle 25DEC-03JAN



Pick up rental car by 3PM

Drive to hotel.

Check into Marriott

Be with family.


Staying at Marriott

Visiting with family.


Check Out of Marriott

Drive to Vancouver

Check into Holiday Inn


Check out of Holiday Inn

Drive back to SEA

Check in to Marriott


Visiting with family



Check out of Marriott

Check into Fairmont




Checkout of Fairmont

Check into Marriott




Check out Marriott

Bring back car rental by 2PM


I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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Instagram: @iprettytoria

YouTube: Pretty Toria


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