Birthday Wish List

My bday is coming up on October 2nd and I have always made wish list, sometimes they are materialistic and sometimes they are sentimental.  And this year I have some crazy extravagant materialistic and some super sentimental wishes.. I am here to share my top wants.. oh and I have some GOALS in here for my 32nd year of life.  

You know how they say your golden year is when you turn the age of the day your were born that is supposed to be your best year yet.. did I mention I was born on the 2nd of October!  So I have always thought of two things.. usually every multiple of my year so every even year!  That would not be the most accurate always but most of my even years of life were really enjoyable.. so what about every year ending in 2 could be my golden year!!! That means this could be the best year yet!  Or all of my hopes dreams and wishes will come true!!

Here are my 3 extravagant wants in prices low to high:

(I know that I don’t have the lifestyle where I get expensive gifts but you know what I make a wish list so I can save up for these items.  Who doesn’t have those items but for me my happy heart comes from my loves not just materials)

Louboutin Lipstick(90) and Nail Polish(50):

I know it seems absurd to want one lipstick that cost this much but to be honest it is simply for the design element of the packaging.  The design element is just simply an inspiration.usecl1

Sony Mirrorless Camera A5000 (500)

This is an easy reasoning to myself anyways.. I love my home camera that I film in front of it is amazing because I am so comfortable but I can not film a vlog with it!!  This camera is the perfect vlogging camera and to add if I wanted to take my photography more serious is would be the best for that as well as you can purchase additional lenses!


New Laptop with an i7 processor (1500)

Again the reasoning is a simple one.. The laptop I have is doing okay but in order for my dreams to grow I need to be able edit and create like the best and the processor is just super slow.  So I am aiming for the gold mac book or a good PC as long as the processor can handle my needs!


Goals and Heart Filled Wishes

(I do not list the things that I necessarily do not have but things that I am aiming to keep and develop)

Birthday Dinner:

A room full of people who love me and good food.

Healthy Mom:

My mom means the world to me so I am hoping that we find answers and keep getting her healthier.. so my bday wish would be for her to try harder as well.. let’s together develop healthier lifestyles.

Strong Relationship:

I love my SO very much and our relationship is strong.. I feel like I have been with and married to this man for my whole adulthood… and my bday wish is just to keep it going and keep it growing!!

Healthy Me:

Being the sickest I ever been in life was not fun and I never want to be there again.  My bday wish and life goal is just to be healthy and enjoy life to most.  This could not be more true with my depression and anxiety as well.. I mean come on JUST GO AWAY!


We all know what this is but if I get to see Paris and Tahiti well that is a life wish come true my bday wish is just to enjoy upcoming travels!

PrettyToria Growth:

My bday wish is for my YouTube and blog to grow and be a success, this is my dream and so to see it come true would make this bday wish a life GOAL.


Me at 31!  Let’s see what changes at 32!

That is all.. I don’t think I have outlandish wishes but I know that what is meant to be will the blessing from God that’s meant for me! I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

Come Say Hi:

Twitter: @prettytoria415

Instagram: @prettytoria415

YouTube: Pretty Toria


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