UPDATE: New Hair and What I Got For My BDAY

Hey everyone,

This is kind of just an update and some ideas I had…

We are getting ready to leave on our trip.. I can’t wait to come home and share the photos with you and the experiences that we will go through.  If you follow me on Instagram (@iprettytoria) and or Twitter (prettytoria415) then you might see the pics earlier than the blog post.  

First things first is it is now October I am a year older and if you want to see some of the things I got for my birthday or even the things I bought myself take a look at the video down below!  It’s October and October is PinkTober Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am wearing pink all month long something pink and something different the whole month.  I am posting on Instagram and Twitter as well so keep a look out for those and join me please!!

Finally I have exciting news.. I am going to change my hair!  I want to be bold but definitely I am not going to be boring!  So I went on Pinterest and decided the haircut:76a9dc37b60b6788d6245cab3d5714e1

Just like this but maybe a little more choppy on the top and for sure the point on the bottom.  A little more choppy like this just not as stiff:


Now for the color.. I want pink but not bright hot pink so I want rose gold highlights or ombré like below:

aeed7ff0c227446b807caa36c0541a60fea8044ce672b4e276525461f2dd2cd31ae5cfb0ed03592ebdc09fca4925d099 (1)

I know it is a bit different from the plane brown hair I have but I need a pick me up and so I am just going to go for it.  I have always wanted to color in my hair and my sister went grey so I need guts to go kind of pink!

Now for the reason you are down this far… What I got for my BDAY.. I am so thankful for every gift I got.. the only reason I post a video like this is not because I am trying to rub it in anyone’s face or brag but because I love watching these types of videos!  If you get offended by these types of video you should NOT WATCH IT AND SEARCH FOR ANOTHER VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

Come Say Hi:


Instagram: @prettytoria415

YouTube: Pretty Toria


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