Makeup Organization: LIPPIES NEEDED

This may seem a little crazy but I wanted to stay organized with the lipsticks I buy because I have been building my lip collection!  I have been buying things for packaging, brand, color, and color name.. this can easily get messy with buying doubles or being in a store and forgetting what you have and just not buy what you need or again doubles.  I wanted to share with you my chart that I printed to take with my on vacation, now I keep on my computer so when I buy a new LIPPIE I can update it.  The reason I am sharing is not to brag about the lipsticks that I have or want but to maybe give you a glimpse of how makeup has taken over my life and how organized I am.

The sheet has empty slots at the bottom for of course new Lippies I need.. sad story I bought a Lipstick Queen Lipstick and lost it while on vacation.  But it will be replaced soon!!

Okay so now this sheet is color coded for stores:

  1. Purple- UO- Urban Outfitters
  2. Blue- SEP- Sephora
  3. Green- NOR- Nordstrom
  4. Berry- WEB- Company Website
  5. Orange- ULT- Ulta
  6. White- Means I have this brand but I want another color.

Also listed next to the colors is the price.. gotta be prepared and know what I am about to spend and search for coupons.. lol!  Okay so here it is the Lippie’s Needed Chart.. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to be crazy but organized with your makeup collection…

Isn’t that great.. my goal is to become organized with all my makeup.. so stay tuned for more charts that is if you want to see them of course!?

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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