Rambling Away Sorrow

I was going to leave and not write anything for a while.. there is just so much going on in my life and most of it is sad.  I do not want to go into details but I want to post something here…

I will say that I come from a big family and it will remain a big family with new babies but there is circle to be rounded out, which means death.  Normally when someone passes we have warning and time to be okay with it and I know that is a luxury in life.  Lots of people do not have time to say goodbye and prepare their hearts for sorrow and up until we were blessed.  This is where I end the details.. Prayers for my family needed and appreciated!!

I want to talk about something else.. lighten up the mood a little..

So I have a couple of options one being the exciting news we are moving into a new house.. and the direction of decor.. or how I am hooked on Scandal and the style of Olivia Pope.. maybe we can talk about both!!


The place we are moving too is a quiet apartment along the Pacific Coast, almost like a hidden gem of the Bay Area…


The apartment is not exactly bigger in square footage than what we have now but the layout is 100 times better and the kitchen is amazing and the one thing that I am going to cherish the most.  In my Dear Santa post you may have seen that my boo is giving me the whole closet but I have to fit everything I own fashion and beauty wise in there!

My dream and I am pretty sure my SO wants the same thing in fact the decor of a Beachy Farmhouse look… a comfy seating arrangement and elegant country chic dining area.  We know that we want to decorate for Christmas at the same time of moving in.. HOW EXCITING!!

Decor wants-

1.Burlap Throw Pillows


2.Comfy Couch and Distressed Wood


3.Farm Style Dishes and Mason Jars


4.Beauty Room




Now on to Olivia Pope-


I just became obsessed with Scandal and it is amazing like ridiculously amazing.. I really had a NetFlix and Chill type couple of days.. and whilst my life was rocked up side down.. I went home to my apartment to be alone in my thoughts and yet I turned on Scandal and it was the best distraction I could have asked for!!  

Things I love about Scandal-

1.Fashion especially her Coats


2.Her Structured Handbags (aka Prada)


3.Wine Glasses (for cranberry) and Quotes (what she says)


4.And do not deny the love.. her walk.. everything.. Her and Fitz!!


Thanks once again for me letting me update you with my rambles.. this is really the best kind of therapy especially since it is technically free.  I enjoy rambling my sorrows away.  Whenever I ramble on here I feel like I am speaking to a world of friends and I enjoy it so very much.

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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Snap Chat: toria415

YouTube: Pretty Toria


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