My Dangerous Wish List

As I sit here going through my Pinterest I began to see a wild side of things.. Normally I am obsessed with everything girly sparkly glittery flowers and pinks.. but that doesn’t mean things that are not any of those pretty.. there is beauty in every aspect of life and if you allow yourself to open you too will see what it is I am talking about.  So like I said I was going through my Pins and saw a couple of things that were out of the ordinary and wished I added them to my Christmas Wish List..


And now here I am writing a second wish list of things that I consider my “Dangerous” list and no nothing crazy dangerous but just the look of the items…  It is only a few items but I wanted to show how cool and inexpensive (besides #1 & #5) things can be:

1.Magnum Pistol Hairdryer- $150 Let me know if you find it!!
2.Pistol Comb- $8 Amazon
3.Pistol Clutch- $28 Amazon
4.Pistol Mug- $11 Amazon
5.Grenade Clutch- $350 Amazon
6.Grenade Coin Purse- $3 Ebay
7.Dinosaur Jewelry- $15 Amazon
8.Ninja Star Earrings- $8 Amazon
9.Bullet Studs- $15 Amazon
10.Skull Sweater- $28 Ebay

Ok so now you are thinking one of two things.. 

  1. These things are not dangerous.. Toria is kind of a wimp!!
  2. Toria has a twisted side to her to want to put pistols to her head and mouth.. 
The wimp part would be correct I am for sure a wimp.. the twisted part is only half way truth its not the action of aiming or putting the pistol items to my face or head but just simply the beauty in the design of everything!  The shape of the handles or the lay of the dinosaur bones JUST BEAUTIFUL!!

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don't forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

Come Say Hi:
Instagram: @prettytoria415
SnapChat: toria415
YouTube: Pretty Toria

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