My Wedding Thoughts


Every little girl has a dream about her big day.. and typing this I feel like I either have typed this out before or have just said it to myself many many times before.  When I was little I can’t say that I dreamed about the planning of the wedding but more so the being married to a wonderful husband and children and really being the Susie Homemaker of the family.  That could be why I always paid so much attention to the women of my family as they swarm the kitchen for every event or meal and create magic.

As I got older and began the path to finding the one, well I started to create the plans!  When I was a teen or young adult I planned this Extravagant Wedding just waiting for the perfect person who would be okay with my plans:

Three ceremonies in total: 1st was a surprise trip for the bridal party to Reno or Vegas and just a string of surprises to follow.. 2nd was a simple SF City Hall ceremony for immediate family only and a nice appetizer and beer across the street in the park there.. and 3rd was the biggest inviting every single person we know.. all the options a extravagant wedding could ask for we would have.  I know what you’re thinking why three weddings for what reason.. I just don’t know!


And a few years later yes I am 32 and not married.. so a few years later I wanted to celebrate my heritage Polynesian in the ceremony, Eclectic in the cocktail hour, and Latin in the Reception.. yes I know I am confusing myself.. I have had so much time to pray and dream of the special day.. but never really realized that it wasn’t the wedding day I was banking on but the life step of husband and wife.  In other words it’s not the wedding it is the marriage that means most.


As I became more grounded I started to want a beautiful barn yard wedding a little hipsterish and a lot of ease and fun for us and our guests… Then along came the one.. I know I have said it before but everything I could have imagined or asked for in a partner in life is what I got.  He said something that made so much sense and that is all of us girls have these weddings where we think we are going to just find a guy to put into that setting like a paper doll kit.  I have to remember that it is our day and not just mine.

As the talks of wedding came about we seemed to both like the Country Chic with plaid and a barn.. so for the last few months I have been focused on a country chic shindig just simple and fun..


It wasn’t until recently he said the words to me:  You would love to get married during Christmas that I thought of the idea..  To be honest I love Christmas and think about all year round.. What girl doesn’t want a winter wonderland wedding but I always thought I love the holidays so much that I would want to celebrate both anniversary and the holidays throughout the year not at one time.. I know selfish right!  But why not?  It would be magical!

IMG_6099 (1)

Now I am to the point where I would like one of 2 options a country chic wedding in fall or a Christmas wedding in winter.. as long as the love of my life and myself are happy and together I will remain to be the most blessed girl in the world.  In the next 2 post you will see the details or ideas I have for both.. so stay tuned!! Subscribe and see a bunch of post..

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!


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