Country Chic Nuptials

As promised here is the first of two for my wedding ideas.  What I love about this day and age is that you can imagine thoughts in your head and with the help of Social Media and Apps like Pinterest your imagination can come to life.

For myself there are somethings that are must haves that I will not budge on and those are my dress, the food, the sweetheart table, and the ring.


To be more direct..

My dress.. I want a simple A-line ball gown with pockets and I really love lace all over.  I am also wanting a blush pink veil.  


The food:  Because I am not looking for this crazy over the top food when really I just want everyone to eat drink and have fun.  I know my family and friends and I know my SO’s family and as a whole I think we would all enjoy a good BBQ and a taco man… Salad, fruit, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, and of course waffle fries..


The Sweetheart Table:  The table that I want is what I would consider a beautiful honor to my favorite color which is Rose Gold.. I would like a good amount of flowers and sparkle as well.  I am not budging on this because my SO already said yes to this and besides this table idea will look good with either theme.


And My Rings: I do not want a big huge diamond and not only because everyone has them and don’t get me wrong they are beautiful but that is just not exactly what I want.  I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a ring when that could towards the celebration and our life together.  I have chosen a pink tone morganite in a rose gold setting with small tiny pave diamonds.  When I thought about the ring that I wanted I knew I wanted something like me unique…


Then to top off the must haves there a few more details that I am sure I will make work for either theme like these prints: Plaid, Gingham, Toile, and Floral…


Now getting into details about the Country Chic Nuptials.. take a look at specific things for the ceremony, table decor, dessert and favors, and then a few extra thoughts I have…

I am a firm believer that the ceremony should be the inclination to how the rest of the wedding will go.. For my ceremony I want it to be a doorway into our day.  A long aisle lined with metal buckets full of babies breath…  For my girls I want them to be in a beautiful powder blue dresses.. For the flowers I would like white blue and pink carnations and roses, with a burlap handle.  Then for the girls just hold babies breath bouquets.  The flower girls I want in the cutest lace fluffy tutu bottoms and pretty denim or white tops and of course cowgirl boots..

IMG_6151 (1)

Then comes table decor.. For this theme I would love to have a black and white gingham tablecloth with big vases of lemons and altered with mason jars with lemons and babies breath. To finish it off I want to add napkins made of toile in blue and white.  

IMG_6152 (1)

When it comes to dessert and favors.. this is easy peasy.. Dessert: A cake with burlap accents, a few cupcakes with cute country decor.  For favors again easy.. Mason jars that are empty for you to fill up on the lemonade, sangria, beer, or sweet tea.. and little mason jars with homemade jam.  For both themes I would like to have churros, ice cream, pie on a stick and beignets.

IMG_6156 (1)

Finally the extras that will add the effects of country chic to me that I want.. Like burlap details, babies breath, and the invitations…

IMG_6159 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.. who knows when I will be engaged or when it will happen.. but if you want to see my views on weddings click >>> My Wedding Thoughts..

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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