Moving Plans Series 1

I know!!! No pictures in this post but the cover photo.. that is because I want you to come back and see the update room by room.. whoa that was more info then I wanted to give you.. umm just keep reading.. pretty please!!

So as you know or maybe you don’t.. WE ARE MOVING(by the time you read this we will be there).. living in the Bay Area you have no choice but to live a life where most of the year you are going to be broke because of rent prices here and if you want to move to cities that are affordable you lose out on valuable quality time with loved ones while you’re driving back and forth to work.  So we decided to continue to to pay a higher rent and move to our favorite city and enjoy each other’s time.  I kind of figured budgeting what I can in order to spend as much of my spare time as I can with the man I am truly in love with is worth it.

This post is not to be about the budgeting but to show my ideas (really a ramble) for what I am planning for this space of serenity.. I let you know a few post ago (Dear Santa) that my SO has so graciously agreed to give me the walk in closet but.. I must be able to fit all of my stuff in there makeup, clothing, purses, and SHOES!! That’s the only one that I might have an issue my shoes (size 10-11 women) are big and I have a lot of shoes.

An overview of the apartment goes:  when you walk in the door you step onto hardwood floors and into the open space living space.. so technically you walk into the living room, that leads to a dedicated dining area and you turn around to find the kitchen which has a glorious counter to put bar stools on.  Exit the kitchen and you will see a crisp bathroom and a small hall coat closet, finally you enter the bedroom and my walk in closet.  Let’s say that again MY WALK IN CLOSET AKA MY SPACE…  This is my chance to create my fortress of a beauty room/ wardrobe.. first thing I did was starting to de-clutter and plan out my organization ideas.  


The whole motif of our new place will favor a chic beachy farmhouse, but another aspect that we want is simplicity so that means AGAIN downsizing.  Yes I already downsized my wardrobe but I am guessing that I am going to have to downsize again not only my wardrobe but the whole house as well as getting a storage facility to put the seasonal items in there.

In the next few post I am going to show you progress per room so subscribe and all subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see the video tours of the home!!

I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!

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