I Have Fallen In Love

I have fallen in love with..

Our New Place:

We have been in here for about a month.. and right away I notice the vibes are better.. we used to argue at least once a week in the old apartment.  I always told my SO that the apartment had unwelcoming vibes.  I know I know it’s only been a month.. give it some time..

First of all that’s negative so hold that to yourselves lol.. but I think if it can start on a positive note it is up to us to keep it there.. and yes we still have worry fear anxiety and depression.  But there is this thing where we ride the rollercoaster of emotions faster… meaning we get over it faster.  I can honestly say it feels like it is in the form serenity of our new apartment.

I know I owe you guys updates on the apartment like photos and vlogs.. they are coming but I have to tell  you guys about my favorite spot.. it is the one spot in our bedroom that allows me to relax on the chair and at the same time see my SO relaxing on the couch and we can watch whatever it is we want to watch and still be with each other.. but at the same time I can close the door and record my YouTube videos.

I have fallen in love with:


This ending of 2015 I and when I say I.. I mean we as in my family and as in the world lost a few too many special people.. For the first time in my life we did not have time to spend with someone before they passed.. it really made me grateful for the past losses we have felt.. we are blessed!

I have come to an understanding with in my mind that not everything is always going to go perfectly the way I think it should go but perfectly the way they are supposed to go.

I get to do what I love to do which is has helped me gain confidence.. I absolutely love blogging about my life and making videos about what I am passionate about which is Makeup, Food, and Shopping… Yes I still have a career but I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t making my own money!

I am blessed every morning my SO, my Mom, my Goddaughter, my animales, all of my loved ones and myself get to wake up… I AM SO GRATEFUL TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!

I have fallen in love AGAIN with:

My SO:

I still am the overly sensitive girl and he is still the sometimes grumpmaster.. but together we have this passion of love for each other that has created this unconditional understanding of each other’s own inside issues and with our needs as individuals and most important as a team as partners in life.

Of course we are not perfect and have things to work towards.. but I can honestly say that life would be boring if I didn’t have things to work towards.. and I am not just talking relationship wise but my goals in life.. in life you have to work hard and enjoy the rewards you are blessed with.

I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!

Come Say Hi:

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