Doughnut Combats : Rolling Pin

Welcome to my food review.. I love eating and talking about it almost as much as I love makeup.  In case you haven’t seen it you can read my first Taco Wars (here).  


As you know top take out foods for me are (not in any exact order)


  • Street Tacos
  • Deli Sandwiches
  • Pizza
  • Doughnuts



Doughnuts are a big comfort food and like most loved things they cause memories to flood my mind.  With this one my fave memory are:


My mom never drove never had a license but growing up in SF you do not need one because the bus system is quite reliable.  If I lived and worked in the city I probably would not take the bus just because times are different and with my issues I do not feel comfy on public transportation. Back to the memory.. my mom would always take me to get doughnuts and it was like our thing.. now a days I try not to eat them as much and try not to buy them for her that often but they are our favorite things!


Some info on doughnut types:

  1. Raise- They are the bigger than your palms fluffy doughnuts
  2. Cake- Smaller than your palm and denser like a cupcake
  3. Old Fashion- Looks like a flower and is dense like a cake but dry… this one has pieces that break off..
  4. French Twist- A top for me! This one is dense and fluffy at the same time and as a creamy aftertaste.
  5. There are a few different types like filled, buttermilk, bearclaws, and fritters.. then there is Krispy Kreme and they have a type all on there own (they own zip code)!


The place I am reviewing is a 24hr doughnut spot in San Bruno and if you are from here you already know where I went… Rolling Pin <<<Click here for their Yelp page!!


The doughnuts I had:

  1. Chocolate Bar with Custard Fills
  2. Crumb Cake
  3. Technically I had a bite from a Chocolate Raise
  4. And 2 Italian Almond Cookies


Chocolate Bar w/ Custard Fill:

This doughnut was a little on the soggy side.. the type of doughnut you have to hold up to eat… I honestly think that I am still fighting my cold because (brace yourselves) the chocolate tasted a bit awkward.  It was not creamy and a little oily.  Then the custard was a bit liquidy and not so sweet.. so I was only able to eat a not even half before I had to give it up and move on to another doughnut.  


Crumb Cake:

This was choice number two and that’s because I was not ready to just go back to plain glaze raise.. I have had a glaze raise at least once a year from here for a few years.. so I went with crumb cake.  If you know what a crumb doughnut then you know I am looking for one particular flavor… Coconutty!!  This doughnut was #AMAZEBALLS!! It had the perfect consistency, the most amazing flavors including the #COCONUTTY!  This is a dough-try doughnut!!


Chocolate Raise:

The bite that I had should have warned me against the bar.. but I had hopes for  the custard… The bite was oily and not so good chocolate…


Italian Almond Cookies:

Perfect.. almond, consistency, denseness, and amaretto taste!!  Not a doughnut so I will leave it at that!


To review the place…


The lady behind the counter takes a minute or two to get warmed up to you.. but she is so amazing and nice and welcoming… the cleanliness looked pretty well kept.. the shop is old and is like a mom and pop store but that’s what I love about it!  If you are going to and from the SFO airport or are just in the Downtown San Bruno area stop by at all hours they are 24hrs and get yo self a terrific doughnut… just not the chocolate raised or plane unless you like oily chocolate!!


Please come back for more food reviews and let me know if you even like these things… If you have other things for me to review please let me know in the comments.. Like the doughnut review coming next!!


I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!


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