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I know I am in the middle of a series all about food but to be honest.. I want my whole blog site to be mostly about reviews on food however I need to throw in some “others” here and there.. especially as I sit here reviewing a pizza!  Take a look at the food reviews here:




So I had about 7 subscriptions at one time, and moving here and realizing that I was still buying things from stores because subscriptions are great but I know that I want things they do not give or even the full size items of the samples they send.


Having 7 subscriptions means big bucks every month.. Let’s break it down:




  • Boxycharm- 4-6 full size items $21
  • Birchbox- 4-5 deluxe size samples $10
  • Ipsy- 4-5 deluxe size sample $10
  • LipMonthly- 4-5 full size lip products (sometime others) $10
  • Love With Food- Deluxe 10-15 food items $20
  • Peaches & Petals- Ladies Accessories and More $15
  • KitNip Box- A box for cats $20



First of all let me tell you why I love these subscriptions…


When I was little if I did well in school or was being a good child my mother would give me 5-10 bucks to get the surprise packages from Sanrio.  This was my absolute favorite thing in the world not knowing what was going to be inside and it felt like Christmas or my birthday every weekend just about.  As I got older and became a teen a decent teen if there is a definition of one..  she began to reward me with makeup subscriptions.  Subscriptions are a sign of doing good for me and a reward for myself.  


So why must I cancel well I spend too much on them and it does not stop me from buying what I want from stores..  A little too much of wasted product as well..


KitNipBox- Wesley and I enjoyed this box a lot but it became a lot.. she would not play with the toys sent every month or go through the treats every month.. it honestly became excessive for her and I am a very excessive person (hello I am highly sensitive and passionate).  Her cat area became overgrown full of toys because if I see something in a store I think she will like.. well she is going to get it.  My cat is also a cat who loves cat junk food.. so these holistic organic treats I want her to eat just don’t cut it in her eyes… she just wants the Friskies Cheesies!  This box was cancelled and I am sorry KNB! #chopped


Love With Food- This is honestly one of my favorite boxes because they send lots of new things to taste and it is one of my favorite hobbies Trying New Things!  But as time passed and I received box number 3 which was January.. I realized that I have not had a box where I ate and ended up throwing away stuff.. that was never the intentions for this box.  I always buy new foods to taste especially on YouTube Taste Test Thursdays and feel bad when I do not eat the items and end up throwing them away..  This box was to be a once a month thing where they send me samples of snacks and I enjoy them through the month.. It didn’t happen that way!  This box was cancelled and I am so sad about it.. really I am going to miss this one and almost cried about it! #chopped


Peaches and Petals- This is a box that sends an assortment of accessories and cute odds and ends that you may not know you need until they send it to you.  I have been debating on cancelling this one just because I shop for knick knacks almost everyday.. I have not cancelled just yet just because this is really like christmas every month.  I never know what I am going to get and I do not see to many people on YouTube who review this box.  BUT I DO NOT NEED THIS STUFF!!! I have decided not to cancel this one just yet but they are on watch meaning if I get a box that lacks in umph then it will be time to cut this one too.. It maybe after I open the January Box! #chopped


Birchbox- I have such a love hate relationship with this box!  This box gives 4-5 sample sizes of beauty products and for the most part I get a lot of interesting items that I want to try!  To be frank this box has been on the chopping block before and was cancelled for a bit, so I was ready to cancel but they sent an amazing January box and I have decided to check out Febs box!



Ipsy- Ipsy is my longest lasting subscription!  This box you get 4-6 deluxe size samples sometimes full size.. And the cutest makeup bags ever!  I love my Ispy bag and look forward to it every month.  No further explanation needed I am not cancelling this one!


LipMonthly- This is the one that calls out to my heart because you get 4-5 full size lippie products a month!  I love lip stuff it is my favorite thing to shop for!  Sometimes with this guy you get eye or face makeup and I get it you can’t always keep a budget without adding the same things over and over.. so I get the eye and face additions and do not mind!  I was planning on just letting this one run but there a few things that bug me.. They barely ever arrive in the middle of the month for me, there bags always has a chemically smell, and finally I received one bag open and with my germaphobe ass had to give it away.  I have not decided to cancel or not so like the others they will be month to month and if they mess up they will be cut!


Boxycharm- My all time favorite box.. not going to cancel and instead of talking about I put my video review of January 2016 box!  Enjoy!!


If you guys have any opinions on these subscriptions or have any others that you think are worth trying let me know..


I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!


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