I know I have been away again..  But there is a reason…


I have been taking this medicine called Medroxyprogesterone and in short it is a medicine that forces me to have my period because I am irregular.  In fact I am so irregular that I can go years without a full period.  But this medicine is just not for me if you go 2 months without one then you could take this.  The process is a 10 day pill once a day.. then for me about the 7th day I start bleeding and then it will last for however long.  


The thing about this is that it causes me to be so ill.  I get headaches, backaches, stomach aches, cramps, nauseated and so so so emotional like so SO SO SO SO emotional.  I go from a happy person staying focused to a crying wreck to an “attitudy” bia bia if you get my drift.  Point in case for the crying wreck:


The other night we were home decor shopping and I felt happy ready to shop and buy some Beach House decor… Everything was okay and my S.O. decides to see if a pet store as our cats food because she is a spoiled little mama.. he goes in and follow but I turn around and see the cats up for adoption and there staring at was the most precious kitty.  Amaretto… I asked if I could touch her and they said the adoption hours were over and I understood and definitely was not mad at the clerk but I was heartbroken… I sobbed for what felt like a lifetime but was really maybe 15 minutes.  The kitty loved me and needed me and connected with me and my heart crumbled and still hurts (I feel the tears as I see her face in my mind right now).. Sorry I have to stop typing now..


Here is a very emotional video update about my medicines…

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!


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