5 Reasons Why I Do Not Own A Thousand Dollar Purse


It would be nice to eventually have all the high end designer bags that every lady dreams of.  But it just isn’t that easy to spend over 1000 bucks on a bag that I would be to scared to use it.  The 5 reasons why I can’t responsibly buy one is:


1.I Live In The Bay Area-

Living here in the Bay, specifically on the SF side of the bridges means that rent is double the price.  Our rent is over 2000 a month and thank the Lord we can afford it but that also means sacrifice.  Sacrifice doesn’t mean just no designer handbags (least of my worries).. but it means doing without things I used to take for granted.  Special cheese, different breads, eating out, vacations, going to movies, costly activities (which is everything).. Even having children in this economy may not be the best financial decision but if we were blessed with a bundle we would definitely embrace it and make it work.  For the most part we make it work but need to work on budgeting living here or move!



2.I Can’t Buy Two

I have this motto when it comes to my shopping.. If it is a “need” I allow myself to buy it especially if it is something needed for survival.  If it is a “want” I am only allowed to by one of the item if there is enough money to buy two of the same item.  In the case of a designer handbag which basically starts at 1200 dollars and two of them means 2400 and as you know that is about the cost of rent.  Also with each paycheck comes bills and after the bills the amount in my bank withers away so therefore I can no longer buy one much less pay the same amount for rent to buy two.  If I wanted to go without food for the month then sure maybe but NOPE not me!




3.My Money Has Responsibilities

My mom is my heart and I try very hard to take care of her to the best of my abilities.  I try to make sure she has everything she needs and yes wants when I can but that gets expensive.  I never ever want her to be hungry, cold, uncomfortable, lonely, feel unwanted, or to ever feel like she is a burden on my life.  In fact I get so much anxiety because I feel like I am the burden on hers and so many others.  I also feel responsible for people that I love and the fact that I just can’t see anyone go hungry.  Therefore I feel like if I were to spend that type of money on a purse my mama could go hungry and that is just not an option.




4.My Anxiety Is Fixed By Retail Therapy

One thing about retail therapy that makes things better immediately is the feeling of having something new.  There is much more that goes with it to.. Like for one the hunt..the going into the store and searching for something.. that is so much fun and then you leave with the item in your hand it’s like a win (same feeling for me with online shopping)..finally the styling and putting the puzzle pieces together is the grand finale and when your complimented on your items it’s even better.  I really need and want to take action to fix this issue in my life and not have to depend on shopping to make up 50% of my happiness.


If I were to buy a designer bag then not only would I feel guilty for reasons 1-3 but it would take away from my fun that takes the bits of money I have left from bills.


5.My Boyfriend Won’t Be Buying Me One

I am not listing this one to sound spoiled, I am definitely spoiled by him but in ways that do include a purse that cost half as much if not the amount of rent.  He loves me and brings me flowers food and home goods.. The items that matter in the quality of life we are going for.  


I listed this because a lot of girls nowadays are getting these designer bags from their spouses and lovers.  Nothing wrong with that if that is what yall can afford and if not what you chose to put your money towards.. For my spouse it just is not what’s in the works at the moment when we have to worry about survival in one of the most expensive cities in the country.


I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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