Dear SF

Dear SF,


I have loved you for a very very very long time, just about 32 ¾ years now.  I have been on this emotional roller coaster with you since the moment I was born.  I was born at St Lukes hospital to a SF native, grew up in Noe Valley, and I am a Muni Kid!  Muni Kid means my mom didn’t have a driver’s license so we got around on the buses.  


I loved my childhood in Noe Valley and the Mission.. I went to preschool at Headstart on 24th street and it was right next to Papa Honey’s Bar on 24th(he was the bartender).  I then went to Alvarado.. St Philip’s… and Rooftop through 8th grade.  Hung out all day every day at Noe Courts a park around the corner from our home on Homestead and we could go hang out with our friends without our parents because we knew everyone who lived around the park and they knew who we belonged to.  


For most holidays and birthdays during spring and summer months we had BBQ’s at Douglas Park and 4th of July was a neighborhood get together to light off fireworks at Noe Courts. Easter in the AM the Fire Station would bring down the fire truck to the park and let kids ride on it and we would decorate Easter cookies.


On the night of Halloween we would get together at someone’s house and head out to trick or treat up and down the hills of Noe Valley.  The Peaks is a bar on 24th and Castro and they used to have a big thing of change and kids would go in and grab as much as they could.  My cousins would change costumes just so they could grab coins more than once and try for that 5 dollar bill that was hidden in there.  The guy that would dress up as a wolf and scared me so bad I dove off of his stairs and landed in my Tia’s arms thank goodness.  Or the lady at the top of Homestead who handed out raw corn cobs.  I miss the holiday get togethers the most because we were our own little town inside of a big city.


Unfortunately, in high school I noticed the .com boom and the drive that made our family homes in Noe Valley unkeepable.


I have seen families priced out of not only Noe Valley but San Francisco, and when I was 18 we lost our family matriarch to cancer and the result… it was our turn to sell.  After being away for 2 years my family pulled together to get back into the city.  Buying a home in Excelsior a neighborhood we knew of because we had family that lived there my whole life.  The way to make it happen was to move a duplex size home into a single family home with a lot of bedrooms.  It worked but living in the city I felt like I was sinking in debt and swimming in a crowded pool of chaos with nothing to show for it.  I knew from my early 20’s if I wanted a home of my own I either had to let go of the city life and all that I knew or wait it out until I got married.  I even started to look at out of state options.


Now hear I am about to be 33 but things have changed.  I met my SO who came to the Bay Area for a better job and quickly found out if you are under a certain margin of making 150G’s a year you are most likely living paycheck to paycheck.  But he has made me a better more responsible adult who is concerned with the future and together we are making it work for now here.  We are not oblivious to the fact that the cost of living is probably going to go up faster than the wages.  


Because of this we are moving! To where? Not sure.  When? Not sure.  Why? Can not afford the life that I want to give to my family here.  I will keep you updated as time goes on and also bring you along with my vlogs on YouTube. Pretty Toria! << Click there.


I hope you enjoyed whats above.. and I know I have been away for quite some time on here.. But I am human and have things to sort out and get writer’s anxiety all in the same..


Dear SF may become a regular.. I am hoping you enjoy this as we move I can incorporate other places as well… No promises lol.. 


Talk to you guys soon…

XOXO Pretty Toria


Twitter- @prettytoria415

Instagram- @starvingprettytoria

Snap Chat- @toria415

YouTube- PrettyToria


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