Moving Wants:Guest Room

That’s right you read the title correctomundo… we are moving again.


We have moved each year since we have been together but this time we are moving for his work and moving to another state.  I have not made the announcement of where just yet so I would like to see the guesses in the comments.  I will say we are getting much more space for way less.  We are not exactly sure on the moving date but it will be within the next 18 months I suspect and you know nothing wrong with planning ahead!


This series is all about the list of things that I need or want from room to room.  This gives you a look into my decor hopefuls and I can not wait to show you how it turns out when we finally move in.


I am excited for the whole process but one of the coolest rooms will be the guest room which will also double as my filming space for YouTube!  That means no having to to take down the lights and cameras unless we have guests coming to stay.. and yes we will have a room for guests to visit since we are moving out of state.


BTW thank you internet for the great inspirational pics!


Bed- (we already have an extra full size mattress)

  • Cream Metal Bed Frame


Bedding- Ruffled

  • Gray


  • Mauve


  • Taupe



Furniture- White/Cream

  • Nightstand


  • Tall Dresser



Lighting- Silver Mercury Glass

  • Bedside


  • Floor Lamp



Accent Furniture

  • Gray Sectional Sofa Bed


  • Mauve Accent Chair


  • Marble Side Table


  • Floor Mirror


  • Crate Bookcase



Accent Decor

  • Ruffled Curtains


  • Mauve Fur Pillows


  • Taupe Sequined Pillows


  • Cream Ruffle Pillow


  • Taupe Rug


  • Mauve Gallery Wall


  • Mercury Glass Bookcase Decor



So that is what I have in mind so far and I can not wait to get into our new place and hopefully decorate to look as close to my vision as possible.  Stay tuned for more rooms and more looking into my busy mind.


Also if you want to see some Travel Wants: Food just click ! I am going to post updates to all of these post with food I get to try and stuff I buy.. So of course I will be updating here and YouTube but also recent current time updates on Snap Chat and Insta which I have listed below!!


Love you guys..



Twitter- @prettytoria415

Insta- @starvingprettytoria

Snap Chat- @toria415

YouTube- Pretty Toria <<<click that<<<



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