Birthday Wish List 2017

Hi Guys,

It’s that time of the year again…. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

That means… this is my annual Birthday Wish List! Unfortunately in this day an age disclaimers are needed to hopefully avoid one of the internet trolls lol..

*DISCLAIMER* Do not read much into my list that I post it is basically my if I could have anything what would that look like. I am not one who makes a list and gets everything on it or even anything on it as gifts. I normally buy myself things on my wish list that I really want! I do not expect gifts from anyone just love and cake haha.. Also I want to know what items would be on your wish list?? 

All I really want for my bday is.. God’s blessings, good vibes, great food, and a functioning world that allows me to grow old with my loved ones!! 

Let’s get this started.. 

Fashion: I love clothing, shoes, and all things fashion. (I dream of giant two level walk in closet) I shop year round and would consider myself somewhat of a pro at shopping. I do not worry about what everyone else wears or thinks is in trend.. I simply just buy what I like and what makes me feel great!

Adidas EQT Support ADV in Lavender Monochrome $110 I have wanted these for a little while now and just think they are the most adorable sneakers ever.. I know pastel colors are technically spring colors but I love wearing what others think are “seasonal” colors all year round! 

adidas egt lavender

(women’s size 10)

Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool in Skyway (light blue) $55 I have always wanted a pair of these but never wanted to buy the basic colors and now these have arrived in my sight.


(women’s size 10.5)

Rue 21 Plus Camo 3pc Sweatsuit $57 (for all three)- yes I know these may be lounge wear or look like PJ’s but they look amazing!

Hoodie $19


(women’s 2X)

Cardigan Duster $19


(women’s 3X)

Leggings $19


(women’s 2X)

Fila Trayton Hoodie $68– I have these Fila Grant Hill’s that I wanted when I was in 8th grade and I bought them not long ago but now all I need is a hoodie to wear them with. The thing I love about this one is the brown with the other colors because I can pair with brown leggings!


 (men’s 2X or 3X- I love my hoodies huge and comfy like a blanket)

Velour Tracksuit $35 I know everyone had the Juicy Couture velour track suits a billion years ago now but I never had one! I think these are so cute and being cute and exercisy is amazing.. basically 60% of my wardrobe is cute as a button and athletic! 

(women’s 2X)

Tech- I feel I am always in a constant need to upgrade my tech game in order to better my blogging and YouTube work (especially if I want to make it a full time career)!

Smart Watch- I am listing 3 different ones only because there are different brands and styles out here. I want a watch that will track my steps, calendar reminders, allows me to text, and can answer/make phone calls. Not to mention I always wanted to be a Power Ranger!

Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch $275 I love the two tone of the rose gold and navy.. it just looks classic! 


Michael Kors Bradshaw $350 I think this is the boujee one of the bunch… the most expensive for sure! But it looks like a regular watch face so kind of a disguise however it’s a touchscreen and it’s eggplant colored metal! 

(Plum color)

Apple Watch Series 1 $269 This is the most common smart watch you see on everyone’s wrist. It’s like the PSL of smart watches.. I am okay with being basic and having an Apple Watch as long as it looks semi girly like this one lol!

(38mm rose gold with pink sand sports band) 

Laptop- I need a common but specific laptop.. I found this one.. I could go for the Intel Core i7 with more memory and bigger hard drive but this is the basics of what I need to better edit my videos!

HP – 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 1TB Hard Drive – HP finish in jet black $529 

(Click here for this one)  

Film Editing Software- VideoStudio Ultimate X10 for Windows $100 I could use a different one as long as it’s compatible with the laptop above.


Beauty- who would I be if I didn’t include beauty on a wish list.. I love reviewing beauty products.. So I kept it easy and picked my 4 top items from my Sephora “LOVES” list. And a KC product! 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask $45 Doesn’t this just sound amazing and looks divine! I want watermelon all over my face!


Moschino Pink Fresh Couture Perfume 1.0 oz $45 I have wanted the original windex perfume for the bottle but knew I wouldn’t like the notes.. but they released this one and it’s the bottle with my scents and color!!! 


Farsali Unicorn Essence Serum $54 I have wanted to try these skin enhancement drops since they were released but was always concerned with oiliness.. however I heard these are quite nice and not oily! 


Jo LOVES White Rose & Lemon Leaves Fragrance Paintbrush Gel $55 I have always wanted to try a Jo Malone fragrance and now this will give me that opportunity and with a cool bonus aspect.


I love shopping for a cause! The Kylie Cosmetic item I want is the lip kit in the color “Smile” and that is because 100% of the proceeds go to SmileTrain which is an amazing foundation that treats untreated cleft lips. This color is no longer available but if Kylie Jenner happens to read my blog lol… giiirrlll bring that color back I am sure it will sell out immediately and raise more money for that amazing foundation who blesses children and parents all around the world.


Home- Firstly I just moved so of course there are things I want but also I am working hard on creating an ambiance for us to live comfortably and work from here productively as well!


Keurig 2.0 $120 I loved having my Keurig prior it is so convenient for folks who like drastically different coffee flavors! And this one is not only in my favorite color but one step up from the basic one! 

(Color: Oasis) 

Wall Shelves Set of 4 $25 I want to add a little bit of storage and cuteness over our writing desk! I think white is needed to tie in more if the color combo for the guest room! 

Upholstered Office Chair $170 I picked this one because it’s brown and white and goes with the color scheme of the room but technically we could do any color that goes with brown and white! PS I love animal print and cow print is no different!


Neon Lights $100 I just want to see my name in lights and at the same time I think it would add something special to the background of my videos.

I would want it to say ToriaLouise so I may need 2!


Experiences- I always list things I want do and aside from these things listed I really just want to see my loved ones in CA, PA, FL.. and break aka “eat” cake with everyone. (when I say “cake” I mean cake, pie, and or donuts!!)

MOIC SF– this is the museum of ice cream that took over LA and is now opening in SF and I am happy to say that we will be attending so stay tuned for pics! 


Color Factory SF– this is another museum type attraction that has beautiful rooms full of imagination and creativity.. sadly tickets for October are not available so Color Factory if your reading my blog please open it up for me to attend in October I am sure you will sell out October as well! (update- there ticket sales website was malfunctioning when I was in there to buy tickets so I in fact missed out on the tickets I needed) 😦


Mac N Cheese in Wisconsin.. just ask yourself doesn’t it sound amazing to have mac n cheese in the home of cheese heads… they even have this delicious place called MACS and it’s a mac n cheese shop! 


Have visitors here in IL.. I want to show people what I have seen and maybe find something new with them!!


Like I said these are gifts I do not expect to receive in anyway from anyone. Just seeing or hearing “Happy Birthday” to me or reading beautiful comments is what I appreciate so very much! 

Love Toria


Anxiety Helpers

BTW my phone is broken and that is why my featured pic is not edited like all the recent ones… let’s get started!!

I know I have been away AGAIN.. but so many changes are happening and things I am trying to keep my anxiety and depression levels low and mellow.  So I thought I would share a list of the top 5 things I do to win the fight.  Maybe not a fun list of pictures but hopefully a helpful list to some.

1.Make List-

I know this is no secret but for me personally list have been my coping mechanism for decades.  I would make list of things I liked in catalogs before the internet gave me wish list online.  When I list things that I want to do or things I want to purchase and actually make it happen it boost my confidence and gives me this amazing burst of hope that whoops my anxieties ass. 


I enjoy planning everything from events, trips, holidays, wardrobes, anything and everything I can think of and I have a process to my method. The best thing about planning is the design or them..

  1. Start with a concept on paper.  List after list after list.
  2. Take it to Pinterest.  Create a board.
  3. Take both the list and board to create a Google slide doc.
  4. Present the slides to myself and whoever wants or needs to see my plans.

Here is a bit of an example of my Google slides… The slides make my plans come to life.. if you want some help doing Google slides I am always here to help!! No I am not engaged but I love weddings and dream of the day I will be planning my own!!


Let’s not get this backwards I am queen of the messy children.. I am normally exhausted emotionally and physically from fighting the good war inside of my body.  Someone who is reading this may not know that there is a mental battle in the minds of those who suffer from any type of emotional stress.  I feel bad for those who have any type of emotional issue and they are not used to the strain it will put on them but imagine what the ones who have a mental disorder such as anxiety go through.  They have a war in their brains to try and maintain this “normal” appearance to the world. For myself and almost all of us I have more than 1.. I have three 1.Depression 2.Anxiety and 3.Hyper Sensitivity… needless to say with my mental disorders and diabetes plus asthma I am physically and mentally beat up everyday of my life.  So when I get home from a 12 hour shift at work I really just want to drop my items.. eat food and go to sleep..

But there are times when I get tired of looking at the war-zone and get the urge to purge all of my items.  Clothing, food, makeup, home goods… and even the tiniest lent spec on my bed will skeeve me out.  During these times everything I own as a place and I try to keep them in that place!


I know coming from a shopaholic this sounds bad… but shopping for food, apparel, accessories, gifts, makeup just makes me feel like something new is coming into my life and it’s a new day “I can breathe easier”.  Whenever I am extra stressed I turn to a store to find the deals.. I can also say that I am better because I am at least budgeting in the shopping instead of just going for what makes me happy.  Now I just need to save money and shop at the same time!!

5.The last one is the big one that I should do first but when I get anxiety I think of this one last in the battle… this is a 5 step process that I saw online one day and have used it ever since:

FIND 54321(my name I think)

  1. 5 things you can see and say them out loud
  2. 4 things you can touch and say them out loud
  3. 3 things you can hear and say them out loud
  4. 2 things you can smell and say them out loud
  5. 1 thing you can taste and say it out loud

No matter if you are new or old to this war of mental health try this one first or any of these.  I have a bunch more mechanisms but these are the ones that I do most.  It is worth mentioning that the “smell” thing one.. I always smell my perfume because it is an intentional familiar scent.  I am thinking I may post another list of my methods.. But looking forward to hearing what you think of this list and if you have any for me try.

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Lifestyle Wants: Grown Up Childish Wish List

Grown Up Childish Wish List


Let’s start with a disclaimer.. I know I may never get all or any of the things on this list.. This is not “I want I get” lifestyle but a “list calm my anxiety” lifestyle.  I am just doing what I am best at and that is something I do everyday.. MAKING LIST AFTER LIST!!


There is a little kid left inside everyone but for me half of my inner self is still a child.  I like shiny sparkly cutesy things that are made to attract children.


So please take a look at this “wish” list and enjoy the “whimsically” (I am “quotation” happy today)… I have tagged all of the stores where you can take a look at these items in the pictures! (meaning pics are not of my own- as if you didn’t know that lol)



  • Tail Blanket– How mystical would you feel if every day after work you went home and threw on your tail and snuggled on the couch!


  • Crown– I do not know about you guys but this is beautiful and makes me want her hair too!!



  • Slippers-COME ON!! Who doesn’t need these.. The cheeks light up!!


  • Wall Mount– If I do not get one of these for one wall of mine I may go insane!


3.Hello Kitty

  • Purse– I have always wanted this purse. It is classy HK!





  • Makeup– look at the packaging and colors of this UD AW palette





  • Jewelry– this necklace is the most amazing thing in the world


  • Socks– my life would not be the same without fun socks




  • T-Shirts– ummm hello we all must hold on to our youth


  • Leggings– and really these leggings are worth all the worlds of Butterbeer!


I hope you guys enjoyed this list… I again just love making list and everyday use list as a mechanism to pass time without becoming anxious!

I will see you guys soon with another list.. and on September 2nd my Lifestyle Wants: 33rd Birthday Wish List!  If you want to see another of my list sooner check this Food From The Middle States List. <<click<<  Update on this list I will be taking a trip for my birthday and will get to try food in two of those states!!! I will update here with a blog post and a vlog post on my YouTube channel link down below.

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5 Reasons Why I Do Not Own A Thousand Dollar Purse


It would be nice to eventually have all the high end designer bags that every lady dreams of.  But it just isn’t that easy to spend over 1000 bucks on a bag that I would be to scared to use it.  The 5 reasons why I can’t responsibly buy one is:


1.I Live In The Bay Area-

Living here in the Bay, specifically on the SF side of the bridges means that rent is double the price.  Our rent is over 2000 a month and thank the Lord we can afford it but that also means sacrifice.  Sacrifice doesn’t mean just no designer handbags (least of my worries).. but it means doing without things I used to take for granted.  Special cheese, different breads, eating out, vacations, going to movies, costly activities (which is everything).. Even having children in this economy may not be the best financial decision but if we were blessed with a bundle we would definitely embrace it and make it work.  For the most part we make it work but need to work on budgeting living here or move!



2.I Can’t Buy Two

I have this motto when it comes to my shopping.. If it is a “need” I allow myself to buy it especially if it is something needed for survival.  If it is a “want” I am only allowed to by one of the item if there is enough money to buy two of the same item.  In the case of a designer handbag which basically starts at 1200 dollars and two of them means 2400 and as you know that is about the cost of rent.  Also with each paycheck comes bills and after the bills the amount in my bank withers away so therefore I can no longer buy one much less pay the same amount for rent to buy two.  If I wanted to go without food for the month then sure maybe but NOPE not me!




3.My Money Has Responsibilities

My mom is my heart and I try very hard to take care of her to the best of my abilities.  I try to make sure she has everything she needs and yes wants when I can but that gets expensive.  I never ever want her to be hungry, cold, uncomfortable, lonely, feel unwanted, or to ever feel like she is a burden on my life.  In fact I get so much anxiety because I feel like I am the burden on hers and so many others.  I also feel responsible for people that I love and the fact that I just can’t see anyone go hungry.  Therefore I feel like if I were to spend that type of money on a purse my mama could go hungry and that is just not an option.




4.My Anxiety Is Fixed By Retail Therapy

One thing about retail therapy that makes things better immediately is the feeling of having something new.  There is much more that goes with it to.. Like for one the hunt..the going into the store and searching for something.. that is so much fun and then you leave with the item in your hand it’s like a win (same feeling for me with online shopping)..finally the styling and putting the puzzle pieces together is the grand finale and when your complimented on your items it’s even better.  I really need and want to take action to fix this issue in my life and not have to depend on shopping to make up 50% of my happiness.


If I were to buy a designer bag then not only would I feel guilty for reasons 1-3 but it would take away from my fun that takes the bits of money I have left from bills.


5.My Boyfriend Won’t Be Buying Me One

I am not listing this one to sound spoiled, I am definitely spoiled by him but in ways that do include a purse that cost half as much if not the amount of rent.  He loves me and brings me flowers food and home goods.. The items that matter in the quality of life we are going for.  


I listed this because a lot of girls nowadays are getting these designer bags from their spouses and lovers.  Nothing wrong with that if that is what yall can afford and if not what you chose to put your money towards.. For my spouse it just is not what’s in the works at the moment when we have to worry about survival in one of the most expensive cities in the country.


I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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Subscription Chopping Block

I know I am in the middle of a series all about food but to be honest.. I want my whole blog site to be mostly about reviews on food however I need to throw in some “others” here and there.. especially as I sit here reviewing a pizza!  Take a look at the food reviews here:




So I had about 7 subscriptions at one time, and moving here and realizing that I was still buying things from stores because subscriptions are great but I know that I want things they do not give or even the full size items of the samples they send.


Having 7 subscriptions means big bucks every month.. Let’s break it down:




  • Boxycharm- 4-6 full size items $21
  • Birchbox- 4-5 deluxe size samples $10
  • Ipsy- 4-5 deluxe size sample $10
  • LipMonthly- 4-5 full size lip products (sometime others) $10
  • Love With Food- Deluxe 10-15 food items $20
  • Peaches & Petals- Ladies Accessories and More $15
  • KitNip Box- A box for cats $20



First of all let me tell you why I love these subscriptions…


When I was little if I did well in school or was being a good child my mother would give me 5-10 bucks to get the surprise packages from Sanrio.  This was my absolute favorite thing in the world not knowing what was going to be inside and it felt like Christmas or my birthday every weekend just about.  As I got older and became a teen a decent teen if there is a definition of one..  she began to reward me with makeup subscriptions.  Subscriptions are a sign of doing good for me and a reward for myself.  


So why must I cancel well I spend too much on them and it does not stop me from buying what I want from stores..  A little too much of wasted product as well..


KitNipBox- Wesley and I enjoyed this box a lot but it became a lot.. she would not play with the toys sent every month or go through the treats every month.. it honestly became excessive for her and I am a very excessive person (hello I am highly sensitive and passionate).  Her cat area became overgrown full of toys because if I see something in a store I think she will like.. well she is going to get it.  My cat is also a cat who loves cat junk food.. so these holistic organic treats I want her to eat just don’t cut it in her eyes… she just wants the Friskies Cheesies!  This box was cancelled and I am sorry KNB! #chopped


Love With Food- This is honestly one of my favorite boxes because they send lots of new things to taste and it is one of my favorite hobbies Trying New Things!  But as time passed and I received box number 3 which was January.. I realized that I have not had a box where I ate and ended up throwing away stuff.. that was never the intentions for this box.  I always buy new foods to taste especially on YouTube Taste Test Thursdays and feel bad when I do not eat the items and end up throwing them away..  This box was to be a once a month thing where they send me samples of snacks and I enjoy them through the month.. It didn’t happen that way!  This box was cancelled and I am so sad about it.. really I am going to miss this one and almost cried about it! #chopped


Peaches and Petals- This is a box that sends an assortment of accessories and cute odds and ends that you may not know you need until they send it to you.  I have been debating on cancelling this one just because I shop for knick knacks almost everyday.. I have not cancelled just yet just because this is really like christmas every month.  I never know what I am going to get and I do not see to many people on YouTube who review this box.  BUT I DO NOT NEED THIS STUFF!!! I have decided not to cancel this one just yet but they are on watch meaning if I get a box that lacks in umph then it will be time to cut this one too.. It maybe after I open the January Box! #chopped


Birchbox- I have such a love hate relationship with this box!  This box gives 4-5 sample sizes of beauty products and for the most part I get a lot of interesting items that I want to try!  To be frank this box has been on the chopping block before and was cancelled for a bit, so I was ready to cancel but they sent an amazing January box and I have decided to check out Febs box!



Ipsy- Ipsy is my longest lasting subscription!  This box you get 4-6 deluxe size samples sometimes full size.. And the cutest makeup bags ever!  I love my Ispy bag and look forward to it every month.  No further explanation needed I am not cancelling this one!


LipMonthly- This is the one that calls out to my heart because you get 4-5 full size lippie products a month!  I love lip stuff it is my favorite thing to shop for!  Sometimes with this guy you get eye or face makeup and I get it you can’t always keep a budget without adding the same things over and over.. so I get the eye and face additions and do not mind!  I was planning on just letting this one run but there a few things that bug me.. They barely ever arrive in the middle of the month for me, there bags always has a chemically smell, and finally I received one bag open and with my germaphobe ass had to give it away.  I have not decided to cancel or not so like the others they will be month to month and if they mess up they will be cut!


Boxycharm- My all time favorite box.. not going to cancel and instead of talking about I put my video review of January 2016 box!  Enjoy!!


If you guys have any opinions on these subscriptions or have any others that you think are worth trying let me know..


I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!


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Realized Some Stuff

As I sit here at work and it’s almost 1 AM.. I can’t help but think that I am going to be 32 in two days.  Am I where I thought I was going to be.. NO.. but am I in a bad place no not at all.  I found the love of my life and it has definitely been a whirlwind I am so thankful to God for sending him my way.  I thought I would be a famous something or another and have a few kids taking care of my whole family.  Yet at basically 32 I am still learning to take care of myself.  Things get to me as if I was a child or in high school.  I have always been taken care of to an extent that is basically being spoiled by my mom for my whole entire life and now it’s weird for me to think that I can’t always be spoiled and babied.. even though the love of my life basically for the most part spoils and babies me as well and treats me like a princess but I call myself the Pincess!  

I know am trying to change and I will never give up on my dreams or goals to have a family but I think it is a good thing because I get to live this life that I love.  Or my wishes to make something of myself for my family and I and at the same time take care of the world.  The things that I am working on:

Organization of Everything:

I just am not the best at keeping on schedule or organized when it has anything to do with myself, I have come up with countless ideas and just do not stay focused on it.

Minimizing My Debt:

I do not have that much debt it is not crazy amount but I have debt and I definitely need to pay it ASAP.  I have to try harder at this.

Being More Responsible:

This basically has 80% to do with staying focused and not forgetting or giving up on things for myself so easily and 20% to do with independence.   Follow through with stuff for myself.

Cleaning Up After Myself:

I was spoiled and spoiled rotten so now I like to move quick and make a mess and think that it is okay to clean it up after I get back or done with I have to do.

Handling my Health:

Well I am fat and have diabetes and was pretty sick not to long ago and it could have went worse real fast for me but thankful to God it did not.  I need to take action and handle my health not only physically but mentally too.  There has to be a non-medicinal way to beat this!  

I know I ramble an awful lot and my post are all over the place but this is why I need to work on the list above!  I have now realized that the reason I am in the mess with all the topics listed above is because I always just made sure everyone else was happy as singulars and never as a team was I concerned if we would all be happy together.  But being with the man that I am with he makes me see that not only to my faults impact me negatively but him my mom and my loved ones as well.  For one if I am not around to make sure everyone else taken care of then that’s a fail.. number two if I am not happy in life how are people around me supposed to be happy as well.  When we as a partnership figured that when he is anxious and depressed and it slowly takes over me not that I did not have it before but when one of us gets an episode then it spreads.  So I realized with that one issue that could be the issue with the rest of my issues where they could slowly takeover and mess up the good thing we have.  And if that happen I don’t know what could happen.. I feel like God sent me what I prayed for!

I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!

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Current Dream


I know the dream is always changing but I can’t help but evolve and be inspired by life, that is one thing that we can say about life whether good or bad it is always inspiring.  Let’s all just take a minute and think about that, whether you are down in the dumps or are having the best time of your life there is 2 things to remember: 1. nothing last forever now this is not saying that you won’t be happy forever but everyone goes through hard times and if you want to dwell on the bad things in life then you might just not ever see the good things God has in store for you and 2. good or bad happy or sad whether your life or someone else’s you will find inspiration and someone else could find inspiration in the life experiences that you have.  Us as humans need to take time to see things for what they really are.. we just don’t see the lesson learned that come with bumps in the road.  It is almost as if we are scared to live and if I am being completely honest I AM ONE OF THOSE GUYS!

So being one of those people I have been trying to come up with ideas to spark my interest and something besides makeup and shopping that I have always been good at is cooking and really enjoy putting my everything to create something that is beautiful to the eye and to the tongue.  I love finding recipes in book or online and challenging myself to make it.. and once I do make it my own.  Cooking for the world is now a dream.. I love throwing dinner parties and cooking for family and friends and then getting in there face to find out there thoughts, and I have always wanted restaurants, bakeries, delis, a food court but I think to make that dream a reality and be able to survive in this economy is going to be a battle not so easy especially for someone who is a little sensitive right now.  So my kind of not really new dream comes in 3 categories in particular order:

  1. Write a successful cookbook
  2. Have a successful cooking show(this has been a dream since I was a child)
  3. Have my own food truck (I believe this is a great way to network my skill and name into the above dreams)

I have started to write down all of my recipes that I have in my head and ones that my SO puts in my belly.  On a side note this is why my love and I got so close we used to talk about all of things we enjoyed and one of them was of course food.  He happens to make amazing food that as such an exotic taste.  I told him when he made his PRC (Puerto Rican Curry) that it needs to be served as a Sloppy Joe type sandwich with good bread roll and toppings and belongs on a food truck OUR FOOD TRUCK!!

So yes lets recap because I get so excited… I have began to write down recipes and I am planning on creating them for my family and perhaps for YouTube.  I write down ones that I have had in my head and ones that we create on the spot, my favorite challenge is to follow chopped ingredients and make meals using the same stuff.  I might not have the pressure of the clock but when something is delicious that is a plus.  What to do first.. a few tasting parties with friends and families.. until the truck comes rolling in but I need the cheddar cheese dough first haha…


Stay tuned for updates and yes I know I owe you a bunch of updates.. but this is me take or leave it..Excited ramble spilling my guts and then get distracted on another idea or video… but I love you guys for reading liking and sharing my blog it really does mean the world to me.I hope whatever time of the day or evening you read this you make it WONDERFUL!!

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