I Lied To You

Hi Guys!

I have come today to be honest with you all. I have been lying to you for all these years! I’m sorry!

Yes I have depression.. anxiety.. diabetes.. fibromyalgia.. and making list after list does in fact keep me calm!

But besides this I have not been myself on here or on YouTube! I have been trying my hardest to portray the characteristics of the popular girls. Why because I wanted to be liked by the world and be successful at this life.

I can’t hold up to this facade anymore it is so tiring. I need to be myself! TBH it is not working either so what do I have to lose!?

I am Victoria and I am a city girl who is country at heart. I don’t think I will ever have a modern home.. I want a country farmhouse home but currently just have a normal home that is not decorated to the nines.

I am quirky and nerdy and dress kind of weird.. I don’t mind being in what some don’t considered trendy clothing as long as I am dressed cute and comfy to me!

I live for food, fashion(my style), and beauty! I try my best to incorporate food into my fashion and beauty 95% of the time! I am the biggest animal lover (also incorporated into my fashion) and cry almost everyday because of animal videos or looking at adoption websites!

I am overly sensitive like more sensitive than most young children.. if there is a story on about Christmas or love or a talent show on tv I will cry! Not just cry but ball my eyes out!

If I could have Christmas decor up 24/7 365 days a year.. I WOULD!! I am going to try doing Christmas at Halloween time this year coming! I want to be Mrs. Claus and decorating my home as the North Pole! I have believed in Santa for 34 years and will never not!

I am an organized dreamer.. I dream of one day marrying my best friend but have accepted that that may not happen and as long as I am with him and we are happy in life I will be wonderful. Just like I dream of being a mom via adoption because I don’t want to be pregnant.. but also accept that I may just be a fur mom and the cool aunt to my nieces and nephews! I dream of homes.. food.. travel.. even my wardrobe picks for seasons to come even if I will never have these things. But the reason I say organized is because it starts as a list and ends in a slideshow show presentation sometimes with a buying plan. I can show you my organization on another blog. However I think I dream so much because of things that I have been through and it helps me hide in oblivion behind sparkles and sequins!

Things that have happened to me were the reason I acted out and made poor choices at times in life or wanted to be someone else.. but I have prayed continually to God for forgiveness and guidance for myself and the ones who victimized me! I have been forgiven by God and know that everyone makes mistakes.. my mistakes have everything to do with who I am!

My family especially my SO.. my mom.. and my goddaughter.. and all of my family also have helped me to be a better me and truly mean everything to me and if I could do little things or big things to make them happy.. that is my goal in life! It’s makes me happy to see the ones I love happy!


I want to revamp my blog theme and my YouTube site.. I need to be myself. I love being funny while talking about the things I love. It doesn’t matter if I am successful at these things as much as I would like to be.. I can no longer do this to try and be a popular one.. I just need to be me.. and if the world likes me then it’s a blessing but if they don’t then that’s okay because I love me and that is a bigger blessing!

Until next time my pretties!!

Love Toria Louise


5 Items: Burlington Coat Factory

Hi Guys,
This is the beginning of greatness!! I would like to start a new series all about bargain shopping! I am a bargain shopper by blood from my mama… and I can clearance hunt with the best of them aka my mom and aunts!

My family loves to shop… we used to and if we can.. we will still eat our meals on turkey-day all while planning our plan of attack on the sales that are about to unleash! Maybe the love of shopping for most of us is why I truly believe in retail therapy! LOL!

This series will be called 5 items and it is really just 5 bargain items from different stores… sometimes I will give myself a challenge when buying these items or like today just great items I found at a really good price!

Today’s 5 items are from one of my favorite stores and that is Burlington Coat Factory (BFC), this store is a great place to buy clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, beauty, home goods and so much more. I almost found a bit of it all… lol!!

The first item I found was a men’s denim button up that I thought would be cute as a light throw for those days where the sun is out like summer but there is also that lovely fall breeze! This is a Guess shirt that originally retailed for 89 bucks but I was able to purchase it on clearance for just $17!

The second item I found also is an item made by Guess… but these are slides and unless you live under a rock then you know slides took over this year like never before! I was looking at the Guess slides online and when I saw them in BFC I jumped on them! They retail for 25 bucks and I bought them for $15… not as big as a deal as the first item but saving is saving!

The third item of course is a notebook because stationary, books, and journals is always a stop at every store… this notebook is cute, pink, and motivational! The notebook retails for 14 bucks and I bought it for $4!

The fourth item I found was not something I needed but something I wanted for the new place. I saw this and thought this would be so cute in my dining area with the rest of my farmhousey items! The canister retails for 10 bucks and I bought it for $5!

The last item was not actually an item for me but a gift for Lani… she turned 13 recently… becoming a teenage girl, getting into makeup, becoming a young woman and I knew she would need to find her scent! So I picked up a 1D perfume that smells divine and the bottle is so precious! If I can find another I will add one to my collection. This perfume retails for 16 bucks and I bought it for $7.

And there you have it the 5 items from BFC.. what do you think? Let’s run some numbers:

Retail Value: $145 – Purchased Value:$48 – Value Saved:$97

I will take that 97 bucks any day… this is why I love the being a Deal Hunter! I hope you enjoyed this new series.. I look forward to the future of this series of course… it’s all about shopping!! I am excited to go for other stores and challenges. The challenges can be a budget or a look alike outfit from a magazine.. I am going to try and be creative with the challenges! If you have any challenge ideas or stores you want to see me try.. Just let me know!

Love Toria


It’s Thanksgiving..

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for:

  1. God- Just to wake up and live life.
  2. Mom- She loves me unconditionally and I her.
  3. Friend and Family- No explanation needed if your have this you are a rich person.
  4. Work- In this economy its needed and to find work you enjoy is a blessing.
  5. Food- Always be thankful for food and beverage there are lots of people with out it.
  6. Opportunity- Every opportunity is chance to GROW whether you except it or not.
  7. Health- I was really sick and so just to wake up every day is a blessing even if I am not 100% healthy.
  8. YouTube and Blog- Readers, watchers, likers, subscribers.. and these two have given me such a confidence boost and quest in life again.
  9. Fashion and Beauty- Makeup is a passion of mine and the fashion aspect just follows so close to my heart.
  10. My SO- When you find someone that you love and they love you, makes you feel every emotion and makes every good one bestest and every bad one go away.. Also if you have someone that guides you and supports you on your quest for greatness in life.. YOU NEED TO BE MORE THANKFUL!!

So those were my top 10 things I most thankful for!  Now let me know a couple of yours!!

Now I have a video for you:

This is my VAMPY THANKSGIVING LOOK- come watch and see how I do my makeup!!

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!


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Dear Santa

This year we are moving and I get to take our very small walk-in closet and when I say small I mean teeny tiny compared to one that I seen in my aunt’s new house.. anyways one day when we take the plunge and move away from convenience and into quality maybe I will have a bigger closet.  Okay so that just went completely off topic lol..  Please don’t take this as complaining I am overjoyed for the life that I have and also I am overjoyed to even have a closet to put stuff in.. it’s just that this makes me want to work towards my dreams and the dream home I know I will one day have.. 

My wonderful SO has so graciously given me the whole walk-in closet to myself.. yes not just not half the whole amazing thing!!  I know for any fashion obsessor and makeup connoisseur this is a dream come true.. the agreement terms is that he fits all of his clothing into the dresser and the coat closet and I must fit everything my makeup clothing shoes purses all into this closet.  This is why I say it is teeny tiny because I have way more things than I need but I love everything I have.  So what this means is that I need to really make great space of the space I have and really get rid of things that I have not worn in 6 months.  Time to pull up that old blog about cleaning out my closet and put it to use again for the millionth time this month!  (If you want me to post it again let me know..)  I am SPOILED I know!!

Now that we are back on topic of my XMAS LIST and not just my ramble, here are a few things I am going to be getting myself..

  • Suavecita Lipsticks
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
  • Lipstick Spinning Tower
  • HM Copper Glass Box
  • Make Up For Ever Volume 1 Palette
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation


Here is my Santa Letter:

Dear Santa-

I miss you I have thought about you since July well who am I to lie.. I have thought about all year as I do every year.  I can’t help but wish I could visit you at your home and pet Rudolph.  (Hey.. WAIT.. does this sound like a naughty love letter to anyone else besides me!)  I really do think about Christmas all year round as you Santa and this holiday is my favorite thing to look forward too all year..  For Christmas this year I would really like for you to bring me any of the following:

  • Any Matte Lipstick
  • Makeup Storage
  • Anything for my Beachy Farmhouse theme in our new house.
  • Specifically Treat Beauty Marshmallow Treatment
  • Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer Cornflower
  • Sony A5000 Mirror-less Camera
  • Colour Pop Creme Gel Liner Pencils

I am happy with anything really I have faith that you know what I want and need and hope I have been on the nice list long enough.. Here are a few pictures to help you my list.. also if you want to give me world peace and the means to make my dreams come true I will forever pray for that..

IMG_5814 IMG_5815

Santa I really do love you and can’t wait till you get out to give gifts for our Lord Jesus’ Birthday… I will leave you some cookies and milk of course.. we might still be up so maybe we can cheers.. haha!!  



Okay so now that is done time to go to Macy’s so I can send in my letter.. I would love to hear what you are asking Santa for.. and also if you want know some of the good gift finds that I found let me know it can be in blog or vlog formation..

I love and appreciate you guys for even looking this way.. Please do not forget to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS.. MAKE LIFE AMAZING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE BUT START WITH YOU!

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Back-2-School Shopping

Come see what it is that I got Lani for back to school.. I love spoiling her.. she is an amazing young lady!!

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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