Zulily review


The site:

This site is a site that has a bunch of separate stores and they each have a sale which is time limited.  You go on to the stores and look at the prices for the items that are on sale and they are very well named and descriptive to direct your online shopping trip.  Once you browse aka window shop which not only in the real world but online as well usually turns into me buying something you can pay all at once and not separately in the shopping cart.  I love this site because it is like shopping at Ross or Marshalls but online, which is something I have always wanted to see from them.  The one thing I was nervous about was the fact that in all the reviews I read the shipping was definitely going to be the worse.. no not the cost but the length.  I even read in some reviews that customers purchased their items and in months time it still was not there, but with all of the bad reviews for shipping I also read a few that were good and heard through word of mouth about how much people love Zulily and have not had too bad of a problem with the shipping.. So I just had to find out for myself!


Order Date:


I ordered my things on February 7th and within 4 days on the 11th I received a message from Zulily that was about the shipping plan.  So the way it works is that the companies you order from send the items to Zulily and they pack them up together and send out your stuff so I guess depending on the stores you order from could take longer or not…  then on the 17th I received a tracking number.. And my package finally arrived on the 21st so it only took 14 days and they do typically say 10-14 days!  They kept their word so I ordered again!


Review Of The Items:


  1. Highness NYC – Black Semi-Sheer Floral Poncho- Plus 2X
  2. Highness NYC – White and Navy Embroidered Tunic- Plus 3X
  3. RIV – Black and Gray Arabesque Harem Pants- Plus 3X


All the items came and they were true to size for the most part.  The poncho was just a little big and I could have went for the smaller size.  It still looks great on and when the time is right and I get to where this item to the pool area it is going to be adorable over my swimsuit.


The embroidered tunic fit very well it was the length and tummy fit that I wanted to be best.  I was also nervous that this shirt was going to look cheap or unstylish because of the threading and it was not very young or hip but that was not the case at all.  It is a gorgeous shirt and you can dress it up or down.


The final item was pants and I was so nervous about these… because when it comes to buying pants from discounted clothing stores who just so happened to have plus size the experience is not always the best and I usually do not fit my normal size.  For that purpose alone I ordered the size up and to be honest it worked out, yes they are bigger than I thought they would be but not so big that I can not wear leggings under them and it doesn’t bother me that they are a bit baggy.


Conclusion is I loved my experience with Zulily and I have already ordered again and can’t wait to receive my leather sweat pants.. Until next time.. Thanks for reading and I love you all so much!!


Why So Sensitive

My emotions in a pic!
My emotions in a pic!

My name is Victoria and I am a sensitive person.   What does it mean to be sensitive.. Why does sensitivity cause crazy reactions.. I guess this blog is myself answering question I have always had about myself!! Kind of.

Let’s begin with a quiz that I found on Oprah’s website which is adapted from The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N. Aron.  This quiz is one that is a multiple choice that consist of how much certain things affect your mood.  My favorite question is whether or not you are startled easily.  For myself I am constantly thinking about things happening to me and it plays out in my mind like a movie.  It is almost like I am nervous about everything and the anxiety builds up until I lay down for bed and then my body inside out feels like its rattling and the scary thing is that it maybe metaphorically but I am literally shaken up with my emotions.  When I say emotions I am not meaning I felt sad or happy earlier and that is all but I mean my emotions of nerves fears extreme happiness and depression that I feel almost everyday and that’s whole roller coaster of emotions every day that is ready to explode at night.  
The results of this test was that I am of no shocker a Highly Sensitive Person or HSP!  The results are as read directly verbatim from the website: With your hyperawareness come many strengths. HSPs consider matters deeply and often have unique and interesting perspectives. You are intuitive and tend to be an emotional leader (the first to be outraged by injustice, for example). But because you’re so tuned in to the subtleties of your surroundings, you can feel overwhelmed in chaotic environments. You’re not necessarily shy or introverted; you simply think more clearly when you’re not overstimulated—which is why navigating unfamiliar places and meeting many new people at once (think cocktail parties or client presentations) can be especially taxing. To avoid shutting down in such situations, it can help to prepare in advance. Rehearse what you want to say. Brainstorm conversation starters. Bring a friend for social support. Take frequent breaks. It’s crucial for HSPs to build downtime into their lives. Make rest a priority at least one day a week. Take time off every three months. Learn to meditate. And try not to overextend yourself when it comes to family and friends. Thanks to their affinity for reading other people’s emotions, HSPs frequently dole out more support than they can afford to give. To handle your physical sensitivities, choose decaf tea, coffee, and sodas. And carry a snack with you (preferably some form of protein) so you never get too hungry. Finally, keep in mind that HSPs tend to change careers several times. More than most people, you crave meaningful work—but a job that’s too stressful won’t make you happy. It may take several tries to find the right fit. 
That kind of explains it and now I think I am like this because I have dealt with some crazy stuff and always felt a certain way about myself.  That would not be fair because I have always been sensitive and quick to tear up at the eye no matter what emotion I was feeling even as a young child.  Not until recently when makeup became more then a hobby and a passion like fashion has always been to me did I become more concerned with loving myself, not to mention that I started getting recognized by my loved ones and even strangers or professionals in the industry.  I have for the first time in my life have been able to focus on something and know that I should build and capitalize on my passions but and thee is always a but in my life.  Being highly sensitive it makes it harder and harder on myself and my anxieties about succeeding are worse then ever. 
Now even though no one that I know has told me they have taken this test but I can assume I am not the only Highly Sensitive Person in my circle.  What it is like to live with people who are sensitive and be sensitive yourself can be the most amazing time of your life.  We are probably some of the most honest and passionate people you will know especially when it comes to our feelings.  It feels so good to be in a relationship and not hide mushy “gushiness”(my own word).  However, if you are not careful you will get so ticked off and hurt just by the moment and in the moment at hand without thinking everything or anything through that you can say things or do things that can and will hurt each other.  
That is all I have for now take care and I encourage you to go take the test at http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Am-I-Too-Sensitive-Highly-Sensitive-Person-Quiz .. I am your soul sister whether you are a highly sensitive or super sensitive or just a so called normal person(if you think you are normal just know that everyone has a different normal and you are different to someone)!  Keep the positive blessed love out here in the world sometime you just have to believe in the goodness just as much as you crave it.  I love you my pretties!!  

Bank Card Hacked


A huge part of my life is shopping and a big reason is the thrill of hunting for sales and items that I really want.  Of course going to the stores is a great place to search clearance racks and shelves and really hunt for items at the most reasonable price.  That being said I find a good 40 percent of my sales online and that number is on the rise lately, only because I don’t have the time while working nights to be in the stores as well as over the past couple years I have grown a paranoia for crowds.  My paranoia gets pretty bad to the point that I walk in a store or section or aisle and think of where I could run or hide if someone starting shooting or there was a loud boom.

Back to the issue at hand.. besides the issue of my shopping!  I have an issue with my addiction aka my love of ordering (a packaging opening addiction) online and I love being a part of subscription services because its like receiving gifts some you know about and some you don’t.  I love it so much I was making a YouTube segment all about “Postal Hauls” of course I will also do store hauls as well but postal hauls were going to be my first video.  What is a haul.. it is basically a collection of items that you purchased or received so basically things that you got and you are making a video to share your thoughts with the world (Not to be confused with first impression review).  But today going through my online banking I noticed that my card was hacked!!!!  I felt the drums beating in my heart and my throat fell into my stomach.
Now not only am I questioning all of the stores online and in person that I shop at but also all of the restaurants that I eat at, gas stations that I go to, and everything and everyone else that could have my debit card number.  I then thought maybe it was the Apple Pay app since I just added it less then a month ago but really only used it to buy something from my Amazon app.  But could it really be something I did online?… I am not to sure and this is my reasoning:  I used it at Chic-Filet and they recently had a security breach just like the one that Target had not too long ago.  And there are these people who go around scanning your number with that same technology that makes tapping your card at certain pay stations (so called convenience tool) these people have even gone to the lengths of scanning your key-less entry remote when you get out and lock the door as you go into places just to be able to steel your things!  It is getting crazy out there and technology as much as we all love our phones has only become an aid to thieves as well.

Now what makes me think also that it was a in person type of theft is that they used it at an online company or store that is based out Redwood City CA which is only a few miles down the road from me!  This store is an online gaming app so I am think a smart adolescent but I could be very wrong.  I am pondering the dear old question of if I should go back to hiding money “under the mattress” or just keep my routine going, after all I do need the items for my YouTube channel (Pretty Toria- first real video going up Wednesday).  The point of this rant is to say that no matter if it’s conspiracy or factoids thieves come in all shapes and sizes and we as civilized community livers need to always be on watch and suspect and please read your bank statements.. Use online baking and go over your charges you might be able to catch wrong charges!!

Rambled life needs Organizing

Channel Art

Okay today is now the 14th I did write this on the 13th as I am here at work thinking of all the yummy goodness I want to create this weekend(Philly cheese steak stuffed bell peppers being one).  I know I should have a video up already on the YouTube channel but I have yet to get the editing software or even a computer to make things more interesting.  So I will try to do a video on my iPad and hopefully it will not need editing haha!!  While sitting here monitoring flights flying from point A to point B I have been looking at ways to organize my life or our home, definitely cooking at home more and less spending at restaurants would be one big winner.  As well as sitting here I thinking of blogging, vlogging, shopping, cooking, and my family.  My best friends at work are definitely Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, and different stores as I hunt down appliances, recipes, makeup, fashion and SALES!!!

I know I am the type of person who buys into a gimmick and yes I get infatuated with sparkle and glitter and oo.. oh.. ah.. shiny things lol and I have a love hate relationship with that part of my brain… I love trying things and reporting on them especially things that would not be available in my country like certain makeup designers that I can so happen to get here with out having to pay the ridiculous shipping from other countries.  Cosmetics like Barry M which has a 20.94 pound flat rate shipping price to America and then there is Sleek which you can not even order to ship into America but thank the Lord for Amazon because I was able to get a little something from each one (let’s hope they are not fakes) just to say I have it and yes I tried it and whether or not I like the actual product.. I really hope I do! (on a side note it will be a real failure if it comes unsealed Please God let it come sealed at least the eye pen)  If I do that is another excuse or reasoning to push me across the pond!  I also enjoy collecting makeup just for the packaging, I don’t know what it is about special packaging that drives my interest up and the amount in my bank account down, I think it is the consumer game of limited time better get yours now (who ever came up with that slogan is a BEAST).  That’s not all of course loving makeup and using it daily or almost daily unless I am running super late, I enjoy and notice a different in some formulas and when I enjoy a certain formula in say long lasting lip lacquer from Too Faced or Lime Crime, then I really do enjoy buying all the colors that I want in those specific products, so I am continuously on the search for new colors or older ones that I must have.  I get a lot of inspiration from YouTube makeup gurus and Pinterest post of course (especially on nights like tonight where it feels like I have been at work for days and its still not half way through my shift).
In order to slow down on the shopping just because I can not afford it (who can afford to live beyond there means), I never could but since this is something that makes me happy and instead of paying a co-payment for a therapist a couple times a week I would rather buy something new and pray over my issues.  This has worked for years but now that I am in a relationship and my shopping habits are something that he doesn’t really agree with because it has caused some debts along the way and no I am not proud and honestly really scared of what could come up of it.. CHANGE MUST HAPPEN.  So now in order to hopefully cause some resolution to my issue I want to slow down the eating out (maybe the eating too) and slow down the shopping and I know I wont be able to stop cold turkey but slowing it down to the bare minimum is a must that looks to be in reach.
I try to be super stylish at all times of my life.. is it working yet?
I have recently subscribed to Laura Vitale on YouTube all of her channels( she has a cooking show a life one and a style one.. you should watch), and the way she is so organized whether it be with her household, cooking, or basically just her life.. she has somewhat inspired me to stop being immature and more responsible with my life and household.  I want to really focus on the household aspect of our lives and being able to make my dreams for our family come true.  I am planning on eating more at home and organizing the whole apartment!  When we moved in it was throw everything in and try to live and organize as you go.. should have been easier because we have more space but in fact it was just a little harder, so watching the way Laura runs her household has me thinking that once I get on a routine it will not be so hard.
So.. sorry for this long ramble on my blog but I will be posting my first actual YouTube video this week and stay tuned for some recipes coming your way in a few days.  Also if any makeup companies want to sponsor me then I am here, or any clothing designers want to sponsor me then I am here, or any cooking shows want to sponsor me then I am here, or even if any elephany tamers want to sponsor me I am here!!  That was a joke, I don’t need to be sponsored just yet by no one but some readers, watchers, friends and family.  Thanks for reading and as always stay tuned for my progress on this roller coaster I call LIFE!

Making It Happen

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram of my “Outfit of the day” or as the “insta-world” knows it my “#ootd.”  It was a simple one (you can see the pic and tell me your thoughts) a cream and black leopard print sweater with denim button up under it with the sleeve rolled up and the collar out to give it a more preppy look both for under 10 dollars together from Walmart, and paired that with leggings and black talk leather riding boots.  For accessories I wore gold studs, my favorite new fossil gold boyfriend watch, my Nanas peridot ring, and a hot pink purse from Target.  My makeup was done and I was saying as I was leaving the house my makeup definitely did not turn out well today, but my hair came out great and lasted long enough to take a picture with it.  I know it may not seem like a big deal to mention where I got everything and why was this outfit so exciting when I shop all the time but I am a bargain shopper and to give this blog even more purpose of being fashionable when you are not rich and can’t afford the luxurious items is a must and I know I always take “selfies” but bare with me it gets good..

Okay so I was shopping with my sister and we were in Forever21 fitting rooms getting ready to go when I thought I look cute let’s take a OOTD pic so I snapped 3- a kissy face, a smile, and a I can’t breathe I’m hot mouth open chin up puckered lip kind of pic and so I posted the last one lol.  Now flash forward to dinner time sitting there and I get some likes on my pic then a few comments!! Okay this is where it gets good like so good I was almost singing a song in TGIF.  The comment was someone tagging 2 other people so I go to see who they are, well it turns out that the one who made the tags was someone named (in Instagram names) “themodelhunter” she is a fashion writer and she tagged a fashion blog called “aboutalook” and the editor of that blog..  Let’s all just take that moment that I needed to compose myself in the restaurant.

My heart jumped and sparked a vision of what my dreams once were!  No not just a model but to be well known in the fashion industry and for not just the fashion pieces I chose but also for the ones that I created so just to have anyone from that world comment or forward me along to another person makes me feel like I was discovered in a sense.  And to top off the night there was a second person who commented and tagged another fashion blog page!! Now I just want to get my YouTube channel going and make more OOTD post and see where it goes maybe for a chance to one day create my line of clothes and makeup for the world.  Another note to mention is that I was feeling really down on myself about not really being able to wear jeans due to some tummy issues but I was determined to ease back into them so I don’t always feel like a slobtastic beauty queen in leggings everyday of my life.

The reason I am so excited to tell my night cap of inspiration to the world is because, this shows that no matter how old you are your true dreams will never leave your heart and no matter where in life you may be you should never stop working towards making your dreams and achievable goal and succeeding.  Now for the picture..


I love you guys and my pretties!

Welcome back Toria… Mom’s reaction to her TV!

Long time no see…. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… God Bless Everyone… Ho Ho Ho.. so it has definitely been some time since my last post and that is because… I moved well we moved into a 1 bedroom out of the studio and then got hit with Christmas and I have been feeling some type of ways for some days and this is not the blog you will hear all about it.. just a dash and a pinch and lets get it started!

I love more then anything gift giving, the reactions when people see what they got even if it’s something they asked for or not just watching reactions to my gifts is the best.  I am already planning my gift giving strategy for next year and for some I am going to try homemade.

I am not ready for Christmas to be over it has been one of the best ones by far in a long long long time.. thanks to my family and my novio.  There is one thing that no matter how much I try and have the best time and be cheerful and pray, I just can not let go of not having a relationship with my dad.  I am so upset it has me in a funk and sometimes I feel if he were to just tell me that he does not want to be in my life instead of just leaving me hanging then I can start a healing process!

Aside from that I was able to give my mom a big item this year,  A….. TV!!! Our old tv was about 21 years old, it was a gift from my grandpa when I was 10 and it was a ginormous tube TV, poor babe carried it down the stairs “WHAT A GENTLEMAN!”  Now what I have for you is new for my blog it is a video… of my mom’s reaction!!

I love this lady with all of my heart and I hope she know’s it, and for those of you wanting to read about my father (“FATHER OF MINE TELL ME WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN”), well stay tuned because I am working on that!  Until then enjoy the video:

Okay well here is the link to youtube page for it… that is also my channel where come the first I am going to be making all types of videos… “EXCITED”

I love yous guys and come visit me on youtube…

Oh Life..

First things first let me just say I know I have been gone for an extra week or two, but I have been so stressed out with passing’s in my family, starting this thing called day shifts at work and just feeling under the weather in general.  I can’t promise that I will be back with more post but I can promise to just keep writing.  What can you do that is LIFE!
When amazing opportunities arise what is it that you are supposed to do, are you supposed to jump on every single thing that comes available but then doesn’t that turn into things never being enough for you and couldn’t that mean that you are never happy and you are forever chasing something.  Then there is choice b which means that you sit back until the opportunity slaps you in the face.  For me the company that I currently work for has been the only company that I initiated my career here by going online and applying and actually getting the job.  Once I was in here I was so eager to learn everything I could and move on up and I actually love the importance of what I do not only for the company and myself but for our guests.
Now comes the difficult part, I do not make enough money to survive for myself but for my mom to survive either and that is most important.  I need to have money so she can eat throughout the year-month-week-and day, not only that but she has to have medicine to live on.  To top it off I want to spoil her and give her anything and everything she could want in life.  I also want a family of my own and be there for people I love to lean on.  We all know that life is short and not promised to us life on earth is a gift and we should be thankful to have it and for what we have.
In life I want to write my daily feelings out and post them online and have followers who enjoy what I write and maybe get inspired from it, yes that’s a blogger but I also want to vlog; I also want to write books and greeting cards .  I would like to design clothing, rooms, makeup, food and beverages, and parties.. I want to be successful at my designs that my boutique and restaurants make me wealthy enough to develop a few charity outreach programs for my fellow human race and animals in need.  That is my goal, my dream is to be healthy and financially stable enough to live a comfy life with my family.
Let’s not lie I am getting older and maybe I have been getting a little discouraged in the past, but now more so then ever I am confident that God will bless me with my goals or with what is supposed to be will be.  I believe in myself and Trust in God!  All I know is to keep doing what I have been doing, keep trying or “Just Keep Swimming” and definitely keep praying and an open communication with the man upstairs listen to his words.  I would love feed back and suggestions on my goals and dreams!  Until next time my pretties..