Lifestyle Wants: Figuring A Skincare Routine

I am semi new to the skincare process… meaning I have always washed and exfoliated my face.  I have always taken off my make up with a wipe and have moisturized.. But that is it and there so much more to having healthy skin.


But I am very skittish to slop the creams, serums, and other stuff all over my face without knowing if there will be a certain reaction to it.  The types of reactions I am prone to is 1. Nauseousness from the smell of the product and 2. Very seldom I do get a skin irritation from certain products that I yet to confirm which products those are.


Due to the 2 negative reactions I could have- 1. being avoidable and 1. only try and test will help… I have kind of put my skincare on the back burner and now… I have combo dry skin that is oily in some spots but dry everywhere!!!!!


Now that I am going to work on organizing my life with the help of list list list.. I figure I can routinely add in skincare.  Make time for myself  to relax while all the same take care of this very important thing in life SKIN!


Here is what I am thinking the routine should be for AM and PM and I would appreciate any feedback and or suggestions on products.


After Wake-Up

1.Cleanser- Daily

2.Toner- Daily

3.Rough Exfoliant- Every 3 Days(opposite to night exfoliants)

4.Target Treatment- As Needed


6.Light Skin Mask- Prior To Full Face Makeup

7.Sunscreen- Daily


Before Sleep

1.Make Up Remover- As Needed

2.Relaxation Cleanser- Nightly

3.Gentle Exfoliant- Every 3 Nights(opposite to day exfoliants)

4.Target Treatment- As Needed

5.Night Serum- Nightly

6.Relaxation Moisturizer- Nightly

7.Skin Mask- Twice A Week(opposite to pre-makeup mask)




1.Scrub- Daily

2.Balm- Daily

3.Mask- Once a week

4.Moisturizer- Nightly



1.Cooling- Once A Week Daytime

3.Patches- Once A Week Nighttime



1.Blackhead Remover- Once A Week Nighttime


All of the above came from me doing and watching plenty of research and combining a routine that seemed feasible for my own life or the one I am working up to.  It may seem like a lot of work but once I get into the groove… it should become second nature and easy to do with hands tied behind my back.


For SPF we all know how important it is to apply this everyday rain or shine.  The good thing about makeup nowadays is that most of it comes stocked with SPF.  My favorite foundation is IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+, it is my go to and it is amazing.. I recommend for everyone out there.  I can skip the face sunscreen in the AM if I am doing a full face when using that foundation but to be honest I do anyways only because why not double the protection.


I have so many more routine type blogs to type out for you.. Makeup, Hair, AM routine, PM routine (non skin care lol)!  And if there is a specific one you want to see just let me know!  Now begins my favorite part of trial and error… shopping taking it home and trying it out.  I will post haul video’s on my YouTube <<click<< and when I have a final product routine I will post on here on there and everywhere.  


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Lifestyle Wants: Grown Up Childish Wish List

Grown Up Childish Wish List


Let’s start with a disclaimer.. I know I may never get all or any of the things on this list.. This is not “I want I get” lifestyle but a “list calm my anxiety” lifestyle.  I am just doing what I am best at and that is something I do everyday.. MAKING LIST AFTER LIST!!


There is a little kid left inside everyone but for me half of my inner self is still a child.  I like shiny sparkly cutesy things that are made to attract children.


So please take a look at this “wish” list and enjoy the “whimsically” (I am “quotation” happy today)… I have tagged all of the stores where you can take a look at these items in the pictures! (meaning pics are not of my own- as if you didn’t know that lol)



  • Tail Blanket– How mystical would you feel if every day after work you went home and threw on your tail and snuggled on the couch!


  • Crown– I do not know about you guys but this is beautiful and makes me want her hair too!!



  • Slippers-COME ON!! Who doesn’t need these.. The cheeks light up!!


  • Wall Mount– If I do not get one of these for one wall of mine I may go insane!


3.Hello Kitty

  • Purse– I have always wanted this purse. It is classy HK!





  • Makeup– look at the packaging and colors of this UD AW palette





  • Jewelry– this necklace is the most amazing thing in the world


  • Socks– my life would not be the same without fun socks




  • T-Shirts– ummm hello we all must hold on to our youth


  • Leggings– and really these leggings are worth all the worlds of Butterbeer!


I hope you guys enjoyed this list… I again just love making list and everyday use list as a mechanism to pass time without becoming anxious!

I will see you guys soon with another list.. and on September 2nd my Lifestyle Wants: 33rd Birthday Wish List!  If you want to see another of my list sooner check this Food From The Middle States List. <<click<<  Update on this list I will be taking a trip for my birthday and will get to try food in two of those states!!! I will update here with a blog post and a vlog post on my YouTube channel link down below.

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Planner Relationship Goals

I have been wanting to commit my life to something very important, it is something I have had many failed relationships with my whole life.  What makes this time different is the fact that we are moving and I will be taking on more responsibility to control a household of 3 (not preggo).  If you have yet to figure it out I am talking about a relationship with an agenda planner.

My whole life I have tried to be the type of person who is dependent on my agenda plans but something always comes up… where I forget to put one day in and that’s it I won’t touch it for about 3 months.  My routine is to start up and plan about 4-6 weeks of things, add in all birthdays, and some work schedules ( I technically work 4 jobs 2 of them are paying in cash and 2 paying in experience to hopefully be my main source of income soon).  After I take two weeks to enter all this info I get distracted with life and just live without looking at the planner.

To some maybe most this is not a bad way to live because no matter what the situation I am able to just keep the flow and go with it.  But at the same time there are times where I feel chaotic with no direction and my anxiety is at the all time high.

Last year I got two planners.. I know two is excessive but one was a birthday gift.

The first was a Lilly Pulitzer 17 month agenda book.  This was the bigger book.  LP agendas are so colourful and vibrant and so very much girly.  


(thank you Google for the pics)

The second was a Kate Spade 17 month agenda book.  KS agendas are cute and elegant and very lady like.


(thank you Google for the pics)

I think the big issue is my mental illness.. depression and anxiety!  I want to be that person who is so organized and feel chaotic if I am not organized but it is quite the opposite.  I have this feeling that if things are well planned and organized is just going to go off track so why even try.  

I need to shake that and just buckle up get a hold of myself and do what I have got to do… FOR THE SAKE OF ORGANIZATION!

I am not saying this is hard to do and I know plenty of people do it no issue.. I am saying for me this will be a challenge a very personal challenge that I am betting I am not alone in this world with.  I need to plan meals, a family schedule(including 2 pets), trips home (when we move), YouTube and Blog, maybe even wedding planning.. Plus I have so many things I want to do like Bible Study, Gemology, and Escuela.. All of this organization for our home will be on my shoulders!!! I know I am putting more than needed pressure on my self but this is nerve wrecking… 

I know that I am going to have to work out of at least 3 books(not including notebooks for study):

  1. Agenda
  2. Meal Prep
  3. Wedding Planning Eventually


Knowing me though I will probably have 2 meal prep books and 4 wedding planning books hehehe BUT.. for the agenda I am hoping to work the whole 2017 out of just one!  I am looking for something fun and pretty that I could have tons of sticker fun with!  If it is inspirational and uplifting that would be BEST to combat my depression and anxiety!

The ones I am looking at would be..

The Happy Planner- this one is uplifting and encouraging and you have the ability to make it my own with plenty of stickers and fun pen colors..


(thank you Google for the pics)

The Happiness Planner- this one is different because it encourages you to fill out sheets all about happiness.. I am thinking of getting a book like this with out the agenda part just to fill out and answer questions about my happiness!!


(thank you Google for the pics)

Erin Condren- the most expensive but the most “customizable” in my opinion… even the binding wire is color changeable on these(like rose gold)…


(thank you Google for the pics)
Let me know which one you think is best based on your own experience or even based on your research for purchasing…

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Birthday Wish List

My bday is coming up on October 2nd and I have always made wish list, sometimes they are materialistic and sometimes they are sentimental.  And this year I have some crazy extravagant materialistic and some super sentimental wishes.. I am here to share my top wants.. oh and I have some GOALS in here for my 32nd year of life.  

You know how they say your golden year is when you turn the age of the day your were born that is supposed to be your best year yet.. did I mention I was born on the 2nd of October!  So I have always thought of two things.. usually every multiple of my year so every even year!  That would not be the most accurate always but most of my even years of life were really enjoyable.. so what about every year ending in 2 could be my golden year!!! That means this could be the best year yet!  Or all of my hopes dreams and wishes will come true!!

Here are my 3 extravagant wants in prices low to high:

(I know that I don’t have the lifestyle where I get expensive gifts but you know what I make a wish list so I can save up for these items.  Who doesn’t have those items but for me my happy heart comes from my loves not just materials)

Louboutin Lipstick(90) and Nail Polish(50):

I know it seems absurd to want one lipstick that cost this much but to be honest it is simply for the design element of the packaging.  The design element is just simply an inspiration.usecl1

Sony Mirrorless Camera A5000 (500)

This is an easy reasoning to myself anyways.. I love my home camera that I film in front of it is amazing because I am so comfortable but I can not film a vlog with it!!  This camera is the perfect vlogging camera and to add if I wanted to take my photography more serious is would be the best for that as well as you can purchase additional lenses!


New Laptop with an i7 processor (1500)

Again the reasoning is a simple one.. The laptop I have is doing okay but in order for my dreams to grow I need to be able edit and create like the best and the processor is just super slow.  So I am aiming for the gold mac book or a good PC as long as the processor can handle my needs!


Goals and Heart Filled Wishes

(I do not list the things that I necessarily do not have but things that I am aiming to keep and develop)

Birthday Dinner:

A room full of people who love me and good food.

Healthy Mom:

My mom means the world to me so I am hoping that we find answers and keep getting her healthier.. so my bday wish would be for her to try harder as well.. let’s together develop healthier lifestyles.

Strong Relationship:

I love my SO very much and our relationship is strong.. I feel like I have been with and married to this man for my whole adulthood… and my bday wish is just to keep it going and keep it growing!!

Healthy Me:

Being the sickest I ever been in life was not fun and I never want to be there again.  My bday wish and life goal is just to be healthy and enjoy life to most.  This could not be more true with my depression and anxiety as well.. I mean come on JUST GO AWAY!


We all know what this is but if I get to see Paris and Tahiti well that is a life wish come true my bday wish is just to enjoy upcoming travels!

PrettyToria Growth:

My bday wish is for my YouTube and blog to grow and be a success, this is my dream and so to see it come true would make this bday wish a life GOAL.


Me at 31!  Let’s see what changes at 32!

That is all.. I don’t think I have outlandish wishes but I know that what is meant to be will the blessing from God that’s meant for me! I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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Making It Happen

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram of my “Outfit of the day” or as the “insta-world” knows it my “#ootd.”  It was a simple one (you can see the pic and tell me your thoughts) a cream and black leopard print sweater with denim button up under it with the sleeve rolled up and the collar out to give it a more preppy look both for under 10 dollars together from Walmart, and paired that with leggings and black talk leather riding boots.  For accessories I wore gold studs, my favorite new fossil gold boyfriend watch, my Nanas peridot ring, and a hot pink purse from Target.  My makeup was done and I was saying as I was leaving the house my makeup definitely did not turn out well today, but my hair came out great and lasted long enough to take a picture with it.  I know it may not seem like a big deal to mention where I got everything and why was this outfit so exciting when I shop all the time but I am a bargain shopper and to give this blog even more purpose of being fashionable when you are not rich and can’t afford the luxurious items is a must and I know I always take “selfies” but bare with me it gets good..

Okay so I was shopping with my sister and we were in Forever21 fitting rooms getting ready to go when I thought I look cute let’s take a OOTD pic so I snapped 3- a kissy face, a smile, and a I can’t breathe I’m hot mouth open chin up puckered lip kind of pic and so I posted the last one lol.  Now flash forward to dinner time sitting there and I get some likes on my pic then a few comments!! Okay this is where it gets good like so good I was almost singing a song in TGIF.  The comment was someone tagging 2 other people so I go to see who they are, well it turns out that the one who made the tags was someone named (in Instagram names) “themodelhunter” she is a fashion writer and she tagged a fashion blog called “aboutalook” and the editor of that blog..  Let’s all just take that moment that I needed to compose myself in the restaurant.

My heart jumped and sparked a vision of what my dreams once were!  No not just a model but to be well known in the fashion industry and for not just the fashion pieces I chose but also for the ones that I created so just to have anyone from that world comment or forward me along to another person makes me feel like I was discovered in a sense.  And to top off the night there was a second person who commented and tagged another fashion blog page!! Now I just want to get my YouTube channel going and make more OOTD post and see where it goes maybe for a chance to one day create my line of clothes and makeup for the world.  Another note to mention is that I was feeling really down on myself about not really being able to wear jeans due to some tummy issues but I was determined to ease back into them so I don’t always feel like a slobtastic beauty queen in leggings everyday of my life.

The reason I am so excited to tell my night cap of inspiration to the world is because, this shows that no matter how old you are your true dreams will never leave your heart and no matter where in life you may be you should never stop working towards making your dreams and achievable goal and succeeding.  Now for the picture..


I love you guys and my pretties!