5 Items: Burlington Coat Factory

Hi Guys,
This is the beginning of greatness!! I would like to start a new series all about bargain shopping! I am a bargain shopper by blood from my mama… and I can clearance hunt with the best of them aka my mom and aunts!

My family loves to shop… we used to and if we can.. we will still eat our meals on turkey-day all while planning our plan of attack on the sales that are about to unleash! Maybe the love of shopping for most of us is why I truly believe in retail therapy! LOL!

This series will be called 5 items and it is really just 5 bargain items from different stores… sometimes I will give myself a challenge when buying these items or like today just great items I found at a really good price!

Today’s 5 items are from one of my favorite stores and that is Burlington Coat Factory (BFC), this store is a great place to buy clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, beauty, home goods and so much more. I almost found a bit of it all… lol!!

The first item I found was a men’s denim button up that I thought would be cute as a light throw for those days where the sun is out like summer but there is also that lovely fall breeze! This is a Guess shirt that originally retailed for 89 bucks but I was able to purchase it on clearance for just $17!

The second item I found also is an item made by Guess… but these are slides and unless you live under a rock then you know slides took over this year like never before! I was looking at the Guess slides online and when I saw them in BFC I jumped on them! They retail for 25 bucks and I bought them for $15… not as big as a deal as the first item but saving is saving!

The third item of course is a notebook because stationary, books, and journals is always a stop at every store… this notebook is cute, pink, and motivational! The notebook retails for 14 bucks and I bought it for $4!

The fourth item I found was not something I needed but something I wanted for the new place. I saw this and thought this would be so cute in my dining area with the rest of my farmhousey items! The canister retails for 10 bucks and I bought it for $5!

The last item was not actually an item for me but a gift for Lani… she turned 13 recently… becoming a teenage girl, getting into makeup, becoming a young woman and I knew she would need to find her scent! So I picked up a 1D perfume that smells divine and the bottle is so precious! If I can find another I will add one to my collection. This perfume retails for 16 bucks and I bought it for $7.

And there you have it the 5 items from BFC.. what do you think? Let’s run some numbers:

Retail Value: $145 – Purchased Value:$48 – Value Saved:$97

I will take that 97 bucks any day… this is why I love the being a Deal Hunter! I hope you enjoyed this new series.. I look forward to the future of this series of course… it’s all about shopping!! I am excited to go for other stores and challenges. The challenges can be a budget or a look alike outfit from a magazine.. I am going to try and be creative with the challenges! If you have any challenge ideas or stores you want to see me try.. Just let me know!

Love Toria


Making It Happen

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram of my “Outfit of the day” or as the “insta-world” knows it my “#ootd.”  It was a simple one (you can see the pic and tell me your thoughts) a cream and black leopard print sweater with denim button up under it with the sleeve rolled up and the collar out to give it a more preppy look both for under 10 dollars together from Walmart, and paired that with leggings and black talk leather riding boots.  For accessories I wore gold studs, my favorite new fossil gold boyfriend watch, my Nanas peridot ring, and a hot pink purse from Target.  My makeup was done and I was saying as I was leaving the house my makeup definitely did not turn out well today, but my hair came out great and lasted long enough to take a picture with it.  I know it may not seem like a big deal to mention where I got everything and why was this outfit so exciting when I shop all the time but I am a bargain shopper and to give this blog even more purpose of being fashionable when you are not rich and can’t afford the luxurious items is a must and I know I always take “selfies” but bare with me it gets good..

Okay so I was shopping with my sister and we were in Forever21 fitting rooms getting ready to go when I thought I look cute let’s take a OOTD pic so I snapped 3- a kissy face, a smile, and a I can’t breathe I’m hot mouth open chin up puckered lip kind of pic and so I posted the last one lol.  Now flash forward to dinner time sitting there and I get some likes on my pic then a few comments!! Okay this is where it gets good like so good I was almost singing a song in TGIF.  The comment was someone tagging 2 other people so I go to see who they are, well it turns out that the one who made the tags was someone named (in Instagram names) “themodelhunter” she is a fashion writer and she tagged a fashion blog called “aboutalook” and the editor of that blog..  Let’s all just take that moment that I needed to compose myself in the restaurant.

My heart jumped and sparked a vision of what my dreams once were!  No not just a model but to be well known in the fashion industry and for not just the fashion pieces I chose but also for the ones that I created so just to have anyone from that world comment or forward me along to another person makes me feel like I was discovered in a sense.  And to top off the night there was a second person who commented and tagged another fashion blog page!! Now I just want to get my YouTube channel going and make more OOTD post and see where it goes maybe for a chance to one day create my line of clothes and makeup for the world.  Another note to mention is that I was feeling really down on myself about not really being able to wear jeans due to some tummy issues but I was determined to ease back into them so I don’t always feel like a slobtastic beauty queen in leggings everyday of my life.

The reason I am so excited to tell my night cap of inspiration to the world is because, this shows that no matter how old you are your true dreams will never leave your heart and no matter where in life you may be you should never stop working towards making your dreams and achievable goal and succeeding.  Now for the picture..


I love you guys and my pretties!