5 Items: Burlington Coat Factory

Hi Guys,
This is the beginning of greatness!! I would like to start a new series all about bargain shopping! I am a bargain shopper by blood from my mama… and I can clearance hunt with the best of them aka my mom and aunts!

My family loves to shop… we used to and if we can.. we will still eat our meals on turkey-day all while planning our plan of attack on the sales that are about to unleash! Maybe the love of shopping for most of us is why I truly believe in retail therapy! LOL!

This series will be called 5 items and it is really just 5 bargain items from different stores… sometimes I will give myself a challenge when buying these items or like today just great items I found at a really good price!

Today’s 5 items are from one of my favorite stores and that is Burlington Coat Factory (BFC), this store is a great place to buy clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, beauty, home goods and so much more. I almost found a bit of it all… lol!!

The first item I found was a men’s denim button up that I thought would be cute as a light throw for those days where the sun is out like summer but there is also that lovely fall breeze! This is a Guess shirt that originally retailed for 89 bucks but I was able to purchase it on clearance for just $17!

The second item I found also is an item made by Guess… but these are slides and unless you live under a rock then you know slides took over this year like never before! I was looking at the Guess slides online and when I saw them in BFC I jumped on them! They retail for 25 bucks and I bought them for $15… not as big as a deal as the first item but saving is saving!

The third item of course is a notebook because stationary, books, and journals is always a stop at every store… this notebook is cute, pink, and motivational! The notebook retails for 14 bucks and I bought it for $4!

The fourth item I found was not something I needed but something I wanted for the new place. I saw this and thought this would be so cute in my dining area with the rest of my farmhousey items! The canister retails for 10 bucks and I bought it for $5!

The last item was not actually an item for me but a gift for Lani… she turned 13 recently… becoming a teenage girl, getting into makeup, becoming a young woman and I knew she would need to find her scent! So I picked up a 1D perfume that smells divine and the bottle is so precious! If I can find another I will add one to my collection. This perfume retails for 16 bucks and I bought it for $7.

And there you have it the 5 items from BFC.. what do you think? Let’s run some numbers:

Retail Value: $145 – Purchased Value:$48 – Value Saved:$97

I will take that 97 bucks any day… this is why I love the being a Deal Hunter! I hope you enjoyed this new series.. I look forward to the future of this series of course… it’s all about shopping!! I am excited to go for other stores and challenges. The challenges can be a budget or a look alike outfit from a magazine.. I am going to try and be creative with the challenges! If you have any challenge ideas or stores you want to see me try.. Just let me know!

Love Toria


Birthday Wish List 2017

Hi Guys,

It’s that time of the year again…. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

That means… this is my annual Birthday Wish List! Unfortunately in this day an age disclaimers are needed to hopefully avoid one of the internet trolls lol..

*DISCLAIMER* Do not read much into my list that I post it is basically my if I could have anything what would that look like. I am not one who makes a list and gets everything on it or even anything on it as gifts. I normally buy myself things on my wish list that I really want! I do not expect gifts from anyone just love and cake haha.. Also I want to know what items would be on your wish list?? 

All I really want for my bday is.. God’s blessings, good vibes, great food, and a functioning world that allows me to grow old with my loved ones!! 

Let’s get this started.. 

Fashion: I love clothing, shoes, and all things fashion. (I dream of giant two level walk in closet) I shop year round and would consider myself somewhat of a pro at shopping. I do not worry about what everyone else wears or thinks is in trend.. I simply just buy what I like and what makes me feel great!

Adidas EQT Support ADV in Lavender Monochrome $110 I have wanted these for a little while now and just think they are the most adorable sneakers ever.. I know pastel colors are technically spring colors but I love wearing what others think are “seasonal” colors all year round! 

adidas egt lavender

(women’s size 10)

Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool in Skyway (light blue) $55 I have always wanted a pair of these but never wanted to buy the basic colors and now these have arrived in my sight.


(women’s size 10.5)

Rue 21 Plus Camo 3pc Sweatsuit $57 (for all three)- yes I know these may be lounge wear or look like PJ’s but they look amazing!

Hoodie $19


(women’s 2X)

Cardigan Duster $19


(women’s 3X)

Leggings $19


(women’s 2X)

Fila Trayton Hoodie $68– I have these Fila Grant Hill’s that I wanted when I was in 8th grade and I bought them not long ago but now all I need is a hoodie to wear them with. The thing I love about this one is the brown with the other colors because I can pair with brown leggings!


 (men’s 2X or 3X- I love my hoodies huge and comfy like a blanket)

Velour Tracksuit $35 I know everyone had the Juicy Couture velour track suits a billion years ago now but I never had one! I think these are so cute and being cute and exercisy is amazing.. basically 60% of my wardrobe is cute as a button and athletic! 

(women’s 2X)

Tech- I feel I am always in a constant need to upgrade my tech game in order to better my blogging and YouTube work (especially if I want to make it a full time career)!

Smart Watch- I am listing 3 different ones only because there are different brands and styles out here. I want a watch that will track my steps, calendar reminders, allows me to text, and can answer/make phone calls. Not to mention I always wanted to be a Power Ranger!

Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch $275 I love the two tone of the rose gold and navy.. it just looks classic! 


Michael Kors Bradshaw $350 I think this is the boujee one of the bunch… the most expensive for sure! But it looks like a regular watch face so kind of a disguise however it’s a touchscreen and it’s eggplant colored metal! 

(Plum color)

Apple Watch Series 1 $269 This is the most common smart watch you see on everyone’s wrist. It’s like the PSL of smart watches.. I am okay with being basic and having an Apple Watch as long as it looks semi girly like this one lol!

(38mm rose gold with pink sand sports band) 

Laptop- I need a common but specific laptop.. I found this one.. I could go for the Intel Core i7 with more memory and bigger hard drive but this is the basics of what I need to better edit my videos!

HP – 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 1TB Hard Drive – HP finish in jet black $529 

(Click here for this one)  

Film Editing Software- VideoStudio Ultimate X10 for Windows $100 I could use a different one as long as it’s compatible with the laptop above.


Beauty- who would I be if I didn’t include beauty on a wish list.. I love reviewing beauty products.. So I kept it easy and picked my 4 top items from my Sephora “LOVES” list. And a KC product! 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask $45 Doesn’t this just sound amazing and looks divine! I want watermelon all over my face!


Moschino Pink Fresh Couture Perfume 1.0 oz $45 I have wanted the original windex perfume for the bottle but knew I wouldn’t like the notes.. but they released this one and it’s the bottle with my scents and color!!! 


Farsali Unicorn Essence Serum $54 I have wanted to try these skin enhancement drops since they were released but was always concerned with oiliness.. however I heard these are quite nice and not oily! 


Jo LOVES White Rose & Lemon Leaves Fragrance Paintbrush Gel $55 I have always wanted to try a Jo Malone fragrance and now this will give me that opportunity and with a cool bonus aspect.


I love shopping for a cause! The Kylie Cosmetic item I want is the lip kit in the color “Smile” and that is because 100% of the proceeds go to SmileTrain which is an amazing foundation that treats untreated cleft lips. This color is no longer available but if Kylie Jenner happens to read my blog lol… giiirrlll bring that color back I am sure it will sell out immediately and raise more money for that amazing foundation who blesses children and parents all around the world.


Home- Firstly I just moved so of course there are things I want but also I am working hard on creating an ambiance for us to live comfortably and work from here productively as well!


Keurig 2.0 $120 I loved having my Keurig prior it is so convenient for folks who like drastically different coffee flavors! And this one is not only in my favorite color but one step up from the basic one! 

(Color: Oasis) 

Wall Shelves Set of 4 $25 I want to add a little bit of storage and cuteness over our writing desk! I think white is needed to tie in more if the color combo for the guest room! 

Upholstered Office Chair $170 I picked this one because it’s brown and white and goes with the color scheme of the room but technically we could do any color that goes with brown and white! PS I love animal print and cow print is no different!


Neon Lights $100 I just want to see my name in lights and at the same time I think it would add something special to the background of my videos.

I would want it to say ToriaLouise so I may need 2!


Experiences- I always list things I want do and aside from these things listed I really just want to see my loved ones in CA, PA, FL.. and break aka “eat” cake with everyone. (when I say “cake” I mean cake, pie, and or donuts!!)

MOIC SF– this is the museum of ice cream that took over LA and is now opening in SF and I am happy to say that we will be attending so stay tuned for pics! 


Color Factory SF– this is another museum type attraction that has beautiful rooms full of imagination and creativity.. sadly tickets for October are not available so Color Factory if your reading my blog please open it up for me to attend in October I am sure you will sell out October as well! (update- there ticket sales website was malfunctioning when I was in there to buy tickets so I in fact missed out on the tickets I needed) 😦


Mac N Cheese in Wisconsin.. just ask yourself doesn’t it sound amazing to have mac n cheese in the home of cheese heads… they even have this delicious place called MACS and it’s a mac n cheese shop! 


Have visitors here in IL.. I want to show people what I have seen and maybe find something new with them!!


Like I said these are gifts I do not expect to receive in anyway from anyone. Just seeing or hearing “Happy Birthday” to me or reading beautiful comments is what I appreciate so very much! 

Love Toria

Lifestyle Wants: Humble Birthday Wish List

I released the materialistic items that I would want if I had the point and receive lifestyle.  I thought I would post a couple more birthday wish list because they are fun.  I consider this a humble list that I am probably going to make happen for myself.  Humble to me because I think these items are more of experiences and not materialistic items.


Disclaimer- If you do not like wish list.. Birthdays… hauls… or anything that has to do with this type of post.. You should probably leave or take a chance… read what I list and maybe try making a list yourself.


So without further ado let’s get started and thanks world wide web aka www for the pics!


1.Starbucks Chocolate Croissant & Black Tea Lemonade- my all the time order from SB and I will enjoy it like this a venti ice tea and 2 chocolate croissants.


2.Bowling Fun- who doesn’t love bowling!


3.See 2 New Places- Duh!


4.To Make 2 New Soup Recipes- Soup is something I could eat everyday of my life.


5.Sandwich from Gherkin’s- My current favorite sandwich spot.


6.Try 2 New Restaurants in Bay Area- No explanation needed for this one.. This happens all year round for me!


7.Good Dinner With Great People- in other countries this happens everyday but here only for special occasion and as I wish it could happen all the time I really appreciate the times it does happen.


8.Take A Long Drive with My Lovey- who wouldn’t want to take a road trip with the love of their life!


9.See An Array of Fall Leaves- The best colors of fall come from Mother Nature!


10.Monogrammed Blanket Scarf- Not only is fall the best season ever for fashion but I am a fall baby and I embrace the scarves!!


And there you have it folks.. I am looking forward to making this come to life for my birthday.  Don’t worry I just have one more list in plan for my birthday wish list and then the list of what I got.. So stay tuned for fun!  If you want to check out the first Birthday Wish List >>click here<<


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Travel Wants: Food Middle States

Hi guys… three of my favorite things in the world are:

  1. Making List
  2. Tasting New Food
  3. Seeing New Places

Any reason to do any of those makes me a happy girl but a reason to do all three at once just makes me over the moon ecstatic!!


I have been searching all over the internet (Google, Pinterest, etc.) finding places and food all over the country for me to hopefully travel to and eat eat eat!!!  


This first list is for the states in the middle(don’t judge me if I am wrong)!  I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any other recommendations! (Also disclaimer- the pics below are not my own and have been found all over the web)


1.Cincinatti, Ohio

skyline chili


2.Chicago, Illinois



3.Des Moines, Iowa






5.Missoula, Montana





6.Denver, Colorado



Okay that is my first list.. I really enjoyed working on this blog so much that I have decided to work on similar post for the rest of the country.

P.S. The featured image pic is from one of our food trips to Portland.. and that was my face of excitement for breakfast!!


Trip Planning Obsession 2 Packing

First tip make sure something about your suitcase stands out.. travel with colorful luggage or put ribbons and crazy tags all over just so no one will mistakenly take your bag from the overhead bin and carousel.. believe me an airline employee it does certainly happen a little too much.  Imagine how many black bags are out there or how many a like there are on one flight.. you are not the only one who thought that that black hard-case suitcase looked good on the sale you got it from.. sold at the store that is across the nation!

When it comes to packing I am amazing.. when going on the trip.. however coming home not so elegant.  In today’s post you will find the checklist I use for wardrobe and others..  Time to tackle the closet which is small so you would think easier but not quite! (as you can see my deprived in space closet above)

This list is for the fake itinerary we made in the last post.. and UBS stands for Underwear, Bra, and Socks!

What To Pack Checklist


  • Day 1 Fly/Drive
      • Leggings
      • Nice Top
      • Boots
      • UBS
  • Night 1 Dinner
      • Skirt
      • Top
      • Sweater
      • Flats
      • Tights
      • UBS
  • Day 2 Chillin
      • Lined Sweater
      • White Tee
      • Boots
      • Pink Jewelry/Makeup
      • UBS
  • Day 3 Vancouver
      • Leggings
      • Tee
      • Tennis Shoes
      • UBS
      • Hoodie
  • Night 3 Dinner in Vancouver
      • Dress
      • Tights
      • Flats/Boots
      • Sweater/Jacket
      • UBS
  • Day 4 Drive Back to Seattle
      • Adidas Sweats
      • Adidas Pinks
      • Pink Shirt
      • UBS
  • Day 5 Chillen
      • Leggings
      • Boots/Tennis Shoes
      • Nice Top/ Sweatshirt
      • UBS
  • Day 6 Fairmont
      • Leggings
      • Hoodie
      • Tennis Shoes
      • UBS
  • Night 6 Dinner
      • Skirt
      • Top
      • Sweater/Jacket
      • Flats/Boots
      • UBS
  • Day 7 Wedding
      • Dress
      • Jewelry
      • Blue Shoes
      • Jacket/Sweater
      • Tights
      • UB
  • Day 8 Leaving Fairmont
      • Leggings
      • Tennis Shoes
      • Hoodie
      • T-Shirt
      • UBS
  • Day 9 Unknown
      • Leggings
      • Top
      • Flats
      • Sweater
      • UBS
  • Day 10 Flying Home
      • Leggings
      • T-shirt Dress
      • Boots
      • Sweater
      • UBS
  • Extras
    • Swimsuit
    • Scarf
    • Towel
    • Extra Everything

Everything Else



  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hard Brush
  • Soft Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Magic 10
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Tangle Spray
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Ties
  • Hair Clips
  • Bun Help
  • Flat Iron


  • Body Wash
  • Loof
  • Washrags
  • Lotion
  • Perfume


  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpicks
  • Floss Picks


  • Face Wash
  • Face Lotion
  • Sunblock


  • Face Primer
  • Eye Primer
  • Lip Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Eye Shadows
  • Eye Liner Pencil
  • Eye Liner Liquid
  • Eyebrows
  • Mascara
  • Makeup Setting Spray
  • Evian Spray
  • Blotting Paper


  • Phone
  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Neck Pillow and Blanket
  • Medicines
  • ID
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Medical Card
  • Badge
  • Medicine


And now I am ready suitcase packed.  I hope this helps you in any way to do or not to do.. Use it make something like it!!

I love and appreciate you guys.  Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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Travel Seeker- Nashville, Tennessee

When I think of Nashville I think of southern fried foods, BBQ, soul food, and music country and blues to be exact.  I also think of hot humid weather, crazy bugs or crazy in the head mosquitoes.. and who can forget southern folk(I have wanted to be a Southern Belle for decades).  Of course I could just be influenced by the perspective that Hollywood or the media gives off.  Its almost like when you can smell something you have no choice but to imagine what it taste like, with the media or Hollywood you see things or hear things about places that you can’t help but have “preimagined” (<< possibly my own new word) view.  I thought of things that I like to experience in new places, and that was probably the easiest of this whole post.. I want to shop sales and local shops, eat amazing food, have fun, see the city, see some history, and of course look my best.  Oh yea and I hope to get a little relaxation at some point but not necessary as long as my family and I have fun.

Here is what I have found in my investigation and when we get home I will let you know what we did and how it went… I guess this can be considered an open letter to my family as a list of things I want to do and to the rest of the world as recommendation of some stuff to do in Nashville, Tennessee.


Of course I want to shop and then get home and do a Show & Tell Haul Video.. Everyone knows I am a shopper and my favorite shops are outlets and then little boutiques.. so that is exactly what I found-


Every city I go to it seems like Simmons Outlet malls are everywhere, and I am not complaining.  They always include the big name stores like: Coach, Kate, Mike, Disney, and more.  The ones in Nashville are called the Opry Mills and they have different stores like: The Cosmetic Market, The Nashville Store, and of course a bakery called GiGi’s Cupcakes.



I searched for a young hip district specifically for shopping.  I found the Second Ave Shopping District,  this is an area that has bars and nightlife entertainment and of course they have little shops.  These are definitely smaller local boutiques and specialty stores and I am excited for the possible finds.



When I think of the food in Nashville, I think of fried pickles and fried green tomatoes.  I don’t know why I associate fried foods with the south it’s probably one of those “preimagined” thoughts from Hollywood.  Not only do I want to try the fried pickle and green tomato but I want to eat something nice and amazing and lets face it a little pricey.  Everywhere I go I like to try at least 1 expensive restaurant (in LA we ate a few- not recommended for the wallet).  For Nashville I did my investagating and came up with one that seems to be the one I really want to try:

Margot Cafe-

Everyday is a different menu and from what the website says the cuisine is rustic Italian and French with an emphasis on the regions of Tuscany and Provence.  The building is also a bit of art has it is from the 1930’s.  If I were to order from the menu tonight here is what I would choose and the prices-

To Share- Both

Homemade Potato Chips with Aioli- $5

Cheese Plate: Gruetli, with Strawberry Jalapeno Jam- $12

First Course- Either

Lettuces with Pickled Peaches, Ricotta Salata, and Pistachio Vinaigrette- $7

Pizza with Broccoli Raab, garlic and Chiles, and Fresh Mozzarella- $10

Second Course- Either

Pan Roasted ½ Chicken, Escarole with Caesar Dressing and Crutons- $24

Patty Pan Squash with Kale and Pesto Stuffing and Walnut Bread Crumbs-$18

After Dinner-

Peach Sorbet with Pecan Lace Cookie-$5

Why not order all of the above, when is the next time I will be eating at this restaurant.  Only God knows and so I will let you know what I had and show you some pictures when I get there.  Check out the menu-



We already know a few things we want to do like:

A Pedal Pub-

This is big bike that seats up to 16 people and everyone bikes around the city drinking.  I am not going to lie I am so so so… LAZY!!  But I have always wanted to do this and being that I get to do this with my cousins makes it all the better.  Now if only we can find one that supplies the alcohol and not just the exercise.


Needs no explanation!  Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go see where Elvis lived, and this is a good 3 hour drive in a state we know nothing about.  I hope we can make it plus I have a friend in Memphis I would like to see!!


All About Nashville Day Pass-

I think these are a great idea for any city you plan on traveling to, they normally come with a slew of fun.  This one comes with the following-

  • Music City Trolley an hour long ride around the city, which will include State Capitol, the Parthenon, Music Row, and The Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Walking Tour of Nashville this tour is on your feet (more exercise) but you get to see the behind the scenes at Ryman Auditorium and if you don’t know now you know this is the home of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame I am so excited for this one.. I love all music and country is one of my tops.  After all this is Music City so be prepared to hear good music.



The weather for the week that I am going to be there is sunny and in the 80’s, one day is going to thunderstorm and the humidity is going to make it feel like it’s in the 90’s.  Which means I am going to be sweating and in need of air conditioning.. and my fashion choices are going to need to be non layered so maybe not cami’s under my shirts, and flowy lightweight.  My next blog post will be definitely looking at my wardrobe for my trip either in picture form or video form.

That is it for this Travel Seeker- Nashville post.  I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out what we really end up doing in a post when we return from our trip.  I love and appreciate you all!  Don’t forget to make everyday AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!

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