Growing My Wardrobe

I have different styles everyday and I love having options in my closet.  I have always had this bohemian, cutesy girly, and kind of sporty attire pretty much my whole life but for the past couple of years I have been trying to add in a little bit of a southern belle style.


Let’s see if I can put my perspective on these styles into words (I also found a few pics on Google to help get a better feel for the styles.. so please note I take no credit but an internet search for these photos):



I see lots of tribal or aztec type prints, flowy moroccan florals, ethnic, lace and crochet, suede, a bit of the hippy type.  What I love  about the Bohemian Style is the overall carefree of it, the not having to perfectly matched and it still just goes together.  I think for me this is something I am working on for my self esteem… just not caring what others think of me if I am happy.



I know many of you are thinking “CUTSEY” is for little girls.. with cute hearts and stars, mystical cute creatures like mermaids and unicorns, animals, bows, pinks purples and pastels… But this also includes the cute dresses made up of florals and other patterns.  I think that everything has beauty has cuteness and is pretty.. holding on to this is just a way for me to hold on to my youth and keep up this life that I consider amazingly pretty and always cute!




I would say that this is really the style that incorporates everything into it and probably the one that I wear most.  I am constantly in leggings, hoodies & crewnecks, and sneakers… I just love the comfort of this style and it honestly makes me feel hip and trendy when stepping out of the house.  Who wouldn’t feel comfy in leggings a hoodie and  sneakers.. I get all comfy inside just thinking about it!


Southern Belle:

I am talking the chic south look that many belles have mastered.  Monogrammed everything, vest over plaid shirts, cognac boots, girly and sophisticated.  The way they wear chiffon, lace, and ruffles is always pretty and classy.  You just know when you have got yourself a Southern Belle because you can’t help but notice there overall well maintained style with manicured nails, hair and face always done, and they are always polite and smiling.


I invite you on my wardrobe update journey.. The two things to remember are: 1) Everything in moderation.. no need to go spends thousands right now on your wardrobe it will grow in time! 2) A lot of different styles resemble each other so you may have a bohemian top but once you add the statement necklace and brown boots tada it is now a southern belle look!!  

First step to updating a wardrobe is donating the things in the closet that you haven’t worn in the past few months.  Also get rid of anything that is damage and or doesn’t fit anymore.  Once you are done cleaning out your closet and this goes for shoes and accessories too now it’s time to put pieces together to see what complete looks you already have.  
Finally Shopping Time!

I love and appreciate you guys. Please don’t forget to make life AMAZING and STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!

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